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Summer is upon us, and we are full steam ahead here at the Texas Baseball Ranch ® . The first session of our Extended Stay Summer Program is well underway, and we’ve already had our first Elite Pitchers Boot Camp of the season. We absolutely love this time of year (other than the sweltering heat) because we are blessed to work with so many young men that love the game of baseball and want to continue to improve and move on to the next level. In attendance, there is a neat range of athletes. On one end, we have players about to enter high school, working hard to earn a spot on the team, while on the other, we have seasoned college guys who know they’re right on the verge of a breakout season, working for that little extra that will aid them in getting the attention of the scouts or improving their draft status. It’s really rewarding to work with these young men over a two- to 10-week period and see the great gains they make, athletically, mentally, and emotionally. The Ranch motto says, “A place where you can dream as big as your work ethic will allow!” And there’s no better time to witness that than here during the summer. This month is a perfect time to brag on our staff and the terrific job they did this spring in preparation for the summer. We’ve taken another step up in the program, expediting the transfer from concept to performance.

These pictures depict just a few samples from the training …

Matador Bag Training

Power Core 360

Hip Disassociation

Suspension Training

Command Trainer

Connection Work

We continue to focus on athleticism and our athlete’s ability to move, which ultimately aids in velocity enhancement, better command, and overall arm health and durability.

If you don’t already have plans to join us sometime this summer, please accept this as your personal invitation. We’d love to see you at The Ranch and help you take the next jump in your performance.

– Ron Wolforth


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