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GSIR Graduate School of International Relations

I nternational D evelopment P rogram

Students develop skills and knowledge for economic/public policy making as young professionals

In the International Development Program (IDP), students choose one of two Master's degree tracks: International Development (ID-IDP) or Economics (ECO-IDP). The International Development (ID-IDP) track offers various development-related courses in economics, regional science, and related f ields. Throughout the coursework, students learn how to evaluate current policies and design more effective policies to encourage economic growth and social development for developing countries. The Economics (ECO- IDP) track puts emphasis on modern economic theories and their applications. Students learn applied macroeconomics comprising f iscal policy and international f inance as well as empirical microeconomics including labor, health, and

environmental issues to understand and analyze current issues . Both degree tracks aim to equip students wi th advanced knowledge and skills so that they will tackle and overcome the problems they are facing as new leaders in both public and private sectors. The ECO-IDP also offers the Macroeconomic-Policy Program (MPP), a special master's program established in cooperation with the IMF (International Monetary Fund). The MPP is designed to provide professionals f rom central banks, finance ministries, international organizations, and private financial institutions with academic training in the fields of macroeconomics.


1st year

2nd year

Degree Requirements







MA in International Development or MA in Economics 40 credits & Thesis / 44 credits & Research Report

Core: 16 credits (ID) / 12 credits (Eco)

Elective: 18(22) credits (ID) / 22(26) credits (Eco) Seminar: 6 credits

IDP Core

・Macroeconomics Ⅰ: Income Theory ・Macroeconomics Ⅱ: Business Cycle and Growth Theory ・Micoreconomics Ⅰ: Price Theory

・Micoreconomics Ⅱ: Strategic Behavior and Information Analysis ・Statistical Methods

・Development Economics (ID) ・Development Policy and Globalization (ID) ・Econometrics

Elective (IDP common courses)

・Macroeconomic Modeling and Forecasting ・Macroeconomics and Policy Analysis ・Mathematics for Economics and Management ・Monetary Economics and Policy Analysis ・Monetary Policy in Developing Countries ・Policy Evaluation ・Public Finance ・Public Finance and Budgeting ・Research Methodology ・Time Series Analysis

・Industrial Organization and Policy Analysis ・Inequality and Poverty: Measurement and Applications ・Interactions, Institutions, and Economic Development ・International Finance ・International Trade ・Japanese Corporate Finance and Financial System ・Japanese Economic Development and Growing Asia ・Japanese International Development Cooperation ・Japanese Public Finance and Administration ・Japan's Education System ・Labor Economics

・Agricultural Economics and Resource Revenue Management ・Analysis of Development Policy and Programs ・Business Presentation ・Comparative Study of Development Experiences ・Cost Benefit Analysis ・Cross-sectional and Panel Data Analysis ・Environmental and Health Economics ・Evolving Development Paradigms and Changing Operational Strategies of Development Organizations ・Financial System and Financial Regulation ・Global Market Seminar

IDP is the hardest but the most rewarding program. I am fascinated with the curriculum, which teaches different theoretical frameworks, from macroeconomics to microeconomics and links them to econometric models to analyze various socio-economics issues in today’s world in a scientific and logical way of thinking. I have learned that the strong analytical skills obtained from the program not only reinforce my academic knowledge but also my professional career in an international organization with the insights they bring on critical issues in society. With its moderately difficult courses and highly qualified faculty members with flexible teaching methods, the IDP is an incredible choice to become a non-zero beginner in economics. My recommended course: Econometrics and Cross-sectional and Panel Data Analysis by Prof. Chung Yee Wong Her wide knowledge and practical research experience are beneficial for real applications. Message from IDP Student "An educational milestone that empowers your future career in an international organization"

Nguyen Thi Thu Nghia (Vietnam)

10 International Development Program

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