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GSIR Graduate School of International Relations

P ublic M anagement and P olicy Analysis P rogram PMPP is for future leaders of public and non-profit organizations in the era of globalization, diversity, and digitalization

The Public Management and Policy Analysis Program (PMPP) aims to offer global graduate education for future leaders in public and non-profit organizations. The PMPP is designed to address 21st century challenges faced by the public sector, including rapidly changing technologies, climate change, and fiscal retrenchment. It emphasizes evidence-based approaches toward public organization management, policy making, and policy implementation.

The majority of students is public officials from more than 18 countries. Not only inside the classroom but also outside it, students will have rich opportunities to learn various forms of public management and policy under different political, economic, and cultural circumstances.


1st year

2nd year

Degree Requirements







MA in Public Management 40 credits & Thesis / 44 credits & Research Report

Core: 12 credits

Elective: 22(26) credits

Seminar: 6 credits


・Either Applied Econometrics or Econometrics ・Managing Public Organizations

・Public Administration ・Public Finance and Budgeting

・Public Policy Process ・Statistical Methods

Elective (PMPP common courses) ・Introduction to Policy Analysis ・Introduction to Policy Modeling ・Japanese Public Finance and Administration ・Japanese Government and Politics ・Japan's Education System ・Local Government and Public Service ・Macroeconomics I: Income Theory

・Mathematics for Economics and Management ・Microeconomics I: Price Theory ・Policy Evaluation ・Political Institutions and Governance ・Public Human Resource Management ・Research Methodology ・Survey Data and Factor Analysis

・Capital Budgeting and Debt Management ・Case Study Method ・Collaborative and Participatory Governance ・Cost Benefit Analysis ・Environmental Policy and Disaster Management ・Information Policy and Management ・Introduction to Electronic Government

Message from PMPP Student

"A program that responds to challenges faced by the public sector"

I remember an IUJ alumna once said, “If you want to travel the world while earning a Master’s degree, study in IUJ”. I never knew what this meant until I became part of this unique community. With competent professors and classmates from all over the world, class discussions allow you to see different perspectives and push you to think beyond the viewpoint of your own country. The PMPP inspired me to take on the challenge of becoming a better civil servant in the government – one that’s truly responsive to the challenges faced by the public sector in current times. With a solid theoretical foundation and real-world practices shared by both professors and colleagues, this program encapsulated what future leaders must really work on to improve policy formulation and decision-making through sound analysis and evaluation. My recommended course: Local Government and Public Service by Prof. Kyohei Yamada Complex topics are simplified to an extent that everybody can easily comprehend them. His wide collection of quality research articles allows you to expand your literacy and further improve your methodological framework.

Melissa Gabrielle Hernan Vargas (Philippine)

11 Public Management and Policy analysis Program

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