IUJ brochures 2019-2020

3 year Schedule

Fall Sept-Dec

Winter Jan-March

Spring April-June

(Summer) July-Aug

Course Work ・ Core Required Courses and an Elective Course : 1-2 course(s)/term, total 4 courses (8 credits) ・ PhD Dissertation Advanced Seminar Ⅰ (3 credits, year-long) (It is also possible to take the Master's courses relevant to dissertation, if necessary)

◆  Submission of Research Proposal

◆ Conducting Research

1 st year ◆ Supervisor selection ◆  Formation of thesis supervisory committee (A Supervisor and 2 Advisors )

Proposal Defense (Open)

PhD Candidate Exam

Course Work ・ PhD Dissertation Advanced Seminar Ⅱ (3 credits, year-long) (It is also possible to take the courses including Master's relevant to dissertation)

◆ Conducting Research

◆ Conducting Research

◆ Conducting Research

◆ Conducting Research ◆  Writing/posting academic papers

2 nd year

Interim Report (Open) ・ Presentation to the

supervisory committee on the academic papers including posting status

PhD Dissertation Advanced Seminar Ⅲ (3 credits, year-long)

◆  Having a paper accepted by a peer refereed journal ◆  Submission of dissertation

◆ Writing/posting academic papers ◆ Thesis examining committee: 4 members (Thesis supervisory committee+an external examiner)

3 rd year

Conferring a PhD degree

Mid-term Review Report (Open) ・ Presentation to the supervisory committee

Final Exam (Open)

PhD Faculty Members

(As of September 1, 2019)

International Relations Cluster ・  Cooray, Nawalage S , Professor (Doctorate, Nagoya University) ・ Myoe, Maung Aung , Professor (PhD, Australia National University) ・ Nakamura, Osamu , Professor (PhD, Soka University) ・ Saji, Motohide , Professor (PhD, University of Chicago) ・ Shinoda, Tomohito , Professor (PhD, Johns Hopkins University) ・ Kumagai, Naoko , Associate Professor (PhD, City University of New York) ・ Macikenaite, Vida , Assistant Professor (Doctorate, Keio University)

Economics Cluster ・ Watanabe, Shinichi , Specially Appointed Professor (PhD, University of Minnesota) ・ Goto, Hideaki, Professor (PhD, Applied Economics, Cornell University) ・  Jinnai, Yusuke , Associate Professor (PhD, University of Rochester) ・ Lin, Ching-Yang , Associate Professor (PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison) ・ Tang, Cheng-Tao , Assistant Professor (PhD, University of New South Wales) Public Management Cluster ・ Lim, Seunghoo , Professor (PhD, Florida State University) ・ Park, Hun Myoung , Associate Professor (PhD, Indiana University Bloomington) ・ Yamada, Kyohei , Associate Professor (PhD, Yale University) ・ Shinohara, Shugo , Assistant Professor (PhD, Rutgers University)


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