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GSIR Graduate School of International Relations

Ching-Yang Lin ★ Associate Professor Ph.D. in Economics, University of Wisconsin- Madison, 2010 Courses: Monetary Economics and Policy Analysis, Macroeconomics II: Business Cycle and Growth Theory, Monetary Policy in Developing Countries Norio Usui Professor Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics, University of Tokyo, 1996 Courses: Public Finance, Japanese Economic Development and Growing Asia, Agricultural Akira Ariyoshi IR Specially Appointed Professor Ph.D. in Economics, University of Oxford, 1981 Courses: International Finance, Financial System and Financial Regulation Economics and Resource Revenue Management, Evolving Development Paradigms and Changing Operational Strategies of Development Organizations

Cheng-Tao Tang ★ Assistant Professor Ph.D. in Economics, School of Economics, UNSW, 2016 Courses: Microeconomics II: Strategic Behavior and Information Analysis, Cost Benefit Analysis, Industrial Organization and Policy Analysis Chun Yee (Jenny) Wong ★ Assistant Professor Ph.D. in Economics, University of New South Wales, 2013 Courses: Econometrics, Applied Econometrics, Cross-Sectional and Panel Data Analysis, Environmental and Health Economics

P ublic M anagement and P olicy Analysis P rogram

Seunghoo Lim ★ Professor Ph.D. in Public Administration, Florida State University, 2015 Courses: Public Finance and Budgeting, Public Policy Process, Environmental Policy and Disaster Management Hun Myoung Park ★ Associate Professor and Program Director of PMPP Ph.D. in Public Policy, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, May 2007 Courses: Information Policy and Management, Introduction to Electronic Government, Introduction to Policy Analysis, Introduction to Policy Modeling, Public Human Resource Management, Survey Data and Factor Analysis Kyohei Yamada ★ Associate Professor Ph.D. in Political Science, Yale University, 2013 Courses: Local Government and Public Service, Japanese Government and Politics, Political Institutions and Governance

Dayashankar Maurya Assistant Professor Ph.D. in Public Policy, National University of Singapore, 2015 Courses: Collaborative and Participatory Governance, Managing Public Organizations, Case Study Method

Shugo Shinohara ★ Associate Professor Ph.D. in Public Administration, Rutgers University-Newark, 2016 Courses: Public Administration, Research Methodology, Capital Budgeting and Debt Management

15 GSIR Faculty Profiles

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