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MBA Program

Leverage emergingmarkets!

their courses for the career they seek after graduation. They may take one or multiple ‘specialization’ paths in Finance, Marketing, Management, and IT/OM/SCM/PM/SE.* * IT/Operations Mgt./Supply Chain Mgt./Project Mgt./Social Enterprise Students seeking to learn Japanese as an extra skill set may take Japanese language courses offered in the Japanese Language Program. Degree Requirements The requirements for completing the MBA are 1) two years of enrollment, 2) acquisition of at least 40 credits, 3) submission of a master’s thesis or research report after receiving the necessary research guidance, and 4) passing the thesis/research report evaluation and final examination. Students are awarded an MBA at the time of completion.

IUJ’s MBA Program was established in 1988 as the first US- style business school in Japan, offering a US MBA curriculum all in English. It has been recognized many times as one of the top 100 global MBA programs in the Economist's "Best Business Schools" ranking. It acquired certification in 2018 from AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) International. The IUJ program focuses on ‘Leveraging Emerging Markets (such as Asia and Africa) for Global Advantage’ and delivers the knowledge, skills, and strategies required to take best advantage of the world's fast-growing economies for global competitive advantage. It also integrates socially responsible business leadership in the curriculum and supports sustainable growth and development. Curriculum The first year of the MBA Program is devoted to foundation building with rigorous core courses. Students learn the essentials of management with an emphasis on global leadership and emerging markets. The curriculum takes a balance between hard and soft skills and makes certain that students keep up with business and technological trends. Case studies are used in most classes, and cases on issues in Asia, Africa, and Latin America are regularly included. Students are asked to participate in group works, through which they learn cross-border communication and global team leadership. From Spring term in the first year, students begin to customize

MBA ・ IMBA Common Courses


・ International Finance ・ Project Financing

・ Advanced Seminar III ・ Managerial Accounting ・ Practice in Financial Accounting ・ Financial Statement and Business Analysis ・ International Taxation ・ Investments ・ Advanced Corporate Finance

・ Financial Accounting ・ Corporate Finance

・ Practice in Financial Research ・ Global Strategic Marketing ・ Strategic Brand Management ・ Marketing Intelligence ・ Consumer Behavior and Digital Marketing ・ Marketing Research ・ Customer Relationship Management ・ Essentials of Economics ・ Macroeconomics I: Income Theory ・ Applied Econometrics ・ Cross-sectional and Panel Data Analysis

・ Marketing Management ・ Strategic Management ・ Organizational Behavior ・ Applied Statistics ・ International Management ・ Corporate Social Responsibility ・ Leadership Bootcamp ・ Strategy Simulation ・ International Career Development

・ Portfolio Management ・ Entrepreneurial Finance ・ Debt Financing and Bond Markets

・ Derivatives Securities ・ M&A and Restructuring ・ Risk Management

・ Advanced Seminar I ・ Advanced Seminar II

"MBA curriculumaddedmanagerial viewpoints tomy technical background" The MBA curriculum was the most exciting program I’ve encountered, and I had the opportunity to make it highly diverse with the number of courses IUJ offers. One thing I enjoyed during my classes was seeing life from different perspectives. My technical background focuses on mathematics and engineering, but I was able to learn frommanagerial and behavioral viewpoints. Alongside my thesis, my time at IUJ saw me participate in academic conferences, a library internship, teaching assistant roles in three courses, and facilitator roles in training programs for large Japanese corporations. IUJ creates a learning environment where you interact with individuals from all over the world, and as a result, my mindset shifted to a more global one. Studying here has made me a better human and scientist. I developed a passion for research and continuous improvement that will undoubtedly boost my career as a global leader and researcher.

Message from MBA Student

El Mehdi Er Raqabi (Morocco)


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