IUJ brochures 2020-2021

I ntensive MBA Program 1-year Track GSIM Graduate School of International Management

Educating innovative and responsible leaders with a global network

COVID-19 is transforming the world’s business in addition to the digital economy. The tremendous challenges that corporations are facing require creativity and transformation to proactively drive and adapt to this paradigm shift. Post- COVID-19 global business will also demand more responsible managers who are sensitive to societal issues and integrate them in business performance. IUJ’s IMBA program prepares f uture l eader s wi th innovat i ve capab i l i t y and soc i a l responsibility. The 12-month IMBA program curriculum is compact, rigorous, and demanding, to educate and provoke critical thinking of talented students at the frontier of knowledge. The case method is a principal pedagogical means in most classes, in addition to others like simulations and real-life global virtual

team projects. The cases focus on issues in not only advanced countries but also emerging countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Teamwork is emphasized and the composition of each team includes people from diverse cultures, nationalities, and professions to encourage cross-cultural communication and enhance global team leadership skills. Summer capstone courses with an overseas study trip are the final wrap-up for the IMBA program. The program not only trains frontier-minded leaders, but also builds an all-IUJ-graduate network where the world gathers. IMBA graduates can gain access, continue their participation, solve their managerial issues with a wealth of managerial competences and networks, and turbo-charge their careers.






Degree Requirements

Core: 13 credits

Elective: 10(14) credits Seminar: 6 credits

Master of Business Administration 32 credits & Thesis / 36 credits & Research Report

Capstone: 3 credits


IMBA Capstone

・Financial Accounting ・Corporate Finance

・Marketing Management ・International Management

・Organizational Behavior ・Strategic Management

・Corporate Social Responsibility ・Leadership Bootcamp ・International Career Development ・Strategy Simulation

Common Courses)

・Marketing Research ・Customer Relationship Management ・Strategic Brand Management ・Integrated Marketing Communication ・Supply Chain Management ・Operations Management ・Managing Product Development ・IT Strategy and Policy Planning ・Management Science

・Service Management ・Corporate Strategy ・Chinese Management ・Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development ・History of Entrepreneurship and Innovation ・Strategies for Digital Disruption ・Global Strategy in the Digital Age ・Marketing Intelligence ・Consumer Behavior and Digital Marketing

・Japanese Style Management and Corporate Governance ・Japanese Corporate Finance and Financial System ・Development of Japanese Industries

・Business Presentation ・General Management ・Innovation and New Business Creation ・Negotiation Strategy ・Competing in Emerging Markets ・Leadership ・Human Resource and Global Talent Mgt.

Message from IMBA Student "Beyondmy expectation, the real World is here"

Can you imagine a situation where there are many nationalities in one place? Asia, Africa, Europe, the Americas. You can learn a lot from excellent faculty members in class, but more than that, you can experience the real world from all the students at IUJ. I knew that people had different ideas around the world, but ‘Seeing is better than hearing’, and this has been beyond my expectations. The 1-year MBA program is intense but it will give me real knowledge about how I can work with people with different backgrounds. My recommended course: Business Presentation by Prof. Mohhamed Ahmed Leaders should influence people to move or change. This course gives you practical presentation skills and lots of feedback.

Hitoshi Nakagami (Japan)

17 Intensive MBA Program

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