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GSIM Graduate School of International Management

I ntensive

MBA Program

Training global talents withmanagerial competencies

principal pedagogical means in most classes, in addition to others like simulation and real-life global virtual team project. These employed cases focus on issues in not only advanced countries but also emerging countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Teamwork is emphasized and the composition of each team includes people from diverse backgrounds (e.g. cultures, nationalities, and professions) to encourage cross- cultural communication and enhance global team leadership skills. Summer Capstone Courses Capstone courses are the final wrap-up for the IMBA program. Taken in the summer term prior to graduation, they integrate elements from multiple courses already completed to address timely managerial issues and challenges of competitive importance. Capstone courses consist of three one-credit required courses; “International Career Development,” “Leadership Bootcamp,” and “Strategy Simulation,” which all reflect emerging issues of global competition. Degree Requirements The requirements for completing the IMBA are 1) one year of enrollment, 2) acquisition of at least 32 credits, 3) submission of a master’s thesis or research report after receiving the necessary research guidance, and 4) passing the thesis/research report evaluation and final examination. Students are awarded an MBA at the time of completion.

Today’s corporations face tremendous challenges with global competition and the rising power of emerging economies. Changes are needed in order to proactively adapt to this shifting paradigm, and create and sustain competitive advantages. Such initiatives are cross-functionally integrative in nature as disconnected functional moves rarely lead to competitive advantage. Thus, today’s global competition requires a critical pool of global managers who can work across the boundaries of business functions and mobilize their business as an integrated whole. The IMBA program aims to prepare talents with global managerial competences. The E-Business Management Program that IUJ has been offering will be merged into the IMBA in 2019 as an E-business (Ebiz) concentration to develop global talents who can lead in a digital economy, with insights into both general management and IT competence. Curriculum The IMBA program is designed for the most capable and best motivated individuals who are willing to update to the frontier of managerial knowledge in an intensive 12-month period to turbo-charge their careers to the next level. The curriculum is compact, rigorous, and demanding. During this intensive period IMBA students spend on the IUJ campus, they tackle the essentials of management with an emphasis on global leadership and emerging markets. The case method is a

MBA ・ IMBA Common Courses ・ Public Management ・ Managing Public Organizations ・ Industrial Organization and Policy Analysis ・ Information Policy and Management ・ Introduction to Electronic Government ・ Business History ・ Business Leaders in Japan ・ Japanese Style Management and Corporate Governance ・ Japanese Corporate Finance and Financial System ・ JapaneseEmploymentPracticesandHumanCapitalAccumulation ・ Small to Medium-sized Firms in Japan ・ Development of Japanese Industries

Common Courses

・ Negotiation Strategy ・ Business Presentation

・ Research Methodology ・ Corporate Strategy

・ Operations Management ・ Supply Chain Management ・ Managing Product Development ・ Monozukuri (Manufacturing) Management in Japan ・ Project Management ・ Digital Business Models ・ Digital Business Transformation ・ Management Science ・ Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

・ Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development ・ Human Resource and Global Talent Management ・ Innovation and New Business Creation

・ Service Management ・ General Management ・ Competing in Emerging Markets ・ Chinese Management

・ Environmental Policy & Disaster Management ・ Strategies for Social Infrastructure Projects ・ Cross-cultural Communication ・ Leadership

・ IT Strategy and Policy Planning ・ Japan's Frontier of Digital Society

"An accelerated curriculum to learn both inside and outside of the classroom" Indonesia, Myanmar, Sudan, Uzbekistan, and more...during my time at IUJ, I became familiar with these countries as the homelands of my classmates. More than just the content of IUJ’s lectures and coursework, the close bond that develops between students here is one of the university’s great treasures. Because of the diversity of our student body, you have the opportunity to learn both inside and outside of the classroom. I think that this kind of environment is what makes completing studies at IUJ so valuable. Compared to the two-year MBA program, the one-year program has a more accelerated curriculum, which has many advantages. I particularly feel that the program is worth considering for prospective students who would like to return to the workforce as quickly as possible.

Message from IMBA Student

Ryosuke Hanada (Japan, Nikkei Inc.)


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