IUJ brochures 2019-2020

GSIM Faculty Profiles

(alphabetic order) as of September 1, 2019

AHMED, MOHAMMED K Specially Appointed Professor Ph.D. in Linguistics, University of Delaware, 1988 Courses: Cross-cultural Communication, Business Presentation AKAREEM, HUSAIN SALILUL Assistant Professor Ph.D. in Marketing; Queensland University of Technology, 2017 Courses: Customer Relationship Management AUNG, ZAW ZAW Associate Professor Doctor of Engineering in Information Science, Nagaoka University of Technology, 2010 Courses: Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, Digital Business Models, Digital Business Transformation, Management Science Research Interests: Critical Infrastructure Protection & Management, Risk & Business Continuity Management, Managing Social Networking Services for Enterprises CHOW, YUEN LENG Associate Professor Ph.D. in Real Estate, Pennsylvania State University, 2008 Courses: Portfolio Management, Entrepreneurial Finance, Derivatives Securities, Advanced Corporate Finance Research Interests: Corporate Finance, Behavioural Insights, Big Data, Auction, Experimental Economics, Brokerage CHUANG, HONGWEI Associate Professor Ph.D. in Finance, National Taiwan University, 2011 Courses: Corporate Finance, Investments, Risk Management Research Interests: Finance, Quantitative Finance, Medical Expenditure COMAI, ALESSANDRO Associate Professor Ph.D. in Management, ESADE, 2016 Courses: Consumer Behavior and Digital Marketing, Global Strategic Marketing, Marketing Intelligence, Marketing Management Research Interests: Marketing Intelligence, Technology Intelligence, Text data Visualization, Patent analytics, Open Innovation, Marketing Innovation HIRAKI, TAKATO Specially Appointed Professor Ph.D. in Business Administration, The University of Arizona, 1983 Courses: Debt Financing and Bond Markets, Japanese Corporate Finance and Financial System, M&A and Restructuring, Practice in Financial Research HIROSE, SHINICHI Professor Ph.D. in Management, Keio University, 2012 Courses: Human Resource and Global Talent Management, Organizational Behavior, Service Management, Research Interests: Human Resource Assessment and Development Procedures/ Methods, Global Talent Management, Management and Development of Impression Skills LEE, HYUNKOO Professor Ph.D. in Accounting, Carnegie Mellon University, 1998 Courses: Financial Accounting, Financial Statement and Business Analysis, Japanese Style Management and Corporate Governance, Managerial Accounting, Practice in Financial Accounting Research Interests: Compensation Structure and Management Incentives, Corporate Governance and Management Behaviors

LI, WENKAI Dean and Professor

Ph.D. in Engineering, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 2004 Courses: Supply Chain Management, Operations Management, Managing Product Development, Applied Statistics Research Interests: Applied Statistics, Managing Product Development, Operations Management, Supply Chain Management WAKAYAMA, TOSHIHIRO Specially Appointed Professor Ph.D. Syracuse University, 1989 Courses: Strategic Management, Innovation and New Business Creation Research Interests: Global Strategies for Emerging Asia, Irreducibility of Strategy through System-theoretic Perspectives, Innovation and New Business Creation in the Context of Established Organizations. YOKOSE, TSUTOMU Professor MBA, Keio University, 1994 Courses: Corporate Social Responsibility, Japanese Employment Practices and Human Capital Accumulation, Leadership, Leadership Bootcamp, Negotiation Strategy Research Interests: Executive Development, Region, Revitalization, Family Business, Negotiation Strategy, Leadership, Organizational Behavior ZHANG ZHANG, YINGYING Professor Ph.D. in Management Sciences, ESADE1 - Ramon Llull University, 2008 Courses: International Management, Competing in Emerging Markets, Corporate Strategy, Chinese Management, General Management Research Interests: International strategic human resource management: The intersection of people management, international business, and strategic innovation, with regional speciality in China and other emerging market such as Latin American context

Specially Invited Professor

DENSCOMBE, NIGEL President/Founder, Denscombe Corporation OHE, TAKERU Consultant, T. Ohe & Associates, Inc. SUGIYAMA, KOICHI President, Sugiyama Management Development Ltd. RAJASEKERA, JAY Vice President and Professor, Tokyo International University Courses: IT Strategy and Policy Planning, Visiting Faculty

IUJ confers honorary degree on the Prime Minister of Malaysia Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad August 7th, 2019 In appreciation of his support for IUJ, and for the active exchange of academic knowledge between the two countries and with IUJ, IUJ conferred honorary degree on Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad


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