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D igital T ransformation P rogram 1-year Track GSIM Graduate School of International Management New Program

Advances in digital technologies have drastically changed a lmos t ever y aspec t of our soc i et y inc luding pub l i c administrat ion, industr ial struc ture, employment , and private lives. Organizations can no longer delay their digital transformations (DX). The digital future is right now. It is estimated that nearly 40% of all business may disappear in the next 10 years, if these businesses do not transform and accommodate new digital technologies. There is now high demand in many industries for employees equipped with knowledge of digital transformation. Af ter nearly 20 years of of fering its globally top-ranked e -Business Management Program, GSIM’s new Digi tal Transformation Program aims for nurturing future leaders who can lead a global business in a digital society by utilizing digital technologies and culture to achieve business growth and to gain competitive advantage. Instructors for the program are professors with cutting-edge research on digital technologies, Lead a global business in a digital society

invited industrial practitioners, and guest speakers worldwide. The case method is a principal pedagogical means in most classes, in addition to others like simulations and real-life global virtual team projects. Our graduates will gain hands- on knowledge of cutting-edge digital technologies (Big Data, blockchain, AI, cloud computing, IoT, cybersecurity, etc.). They will be equipped with knowledge of digital strategies, platforms, business models, digital entrepreneurship and innovation, FinTech, digital marketing/human resource/supply chain, and much more. Careers for graduates from the program include, but are not limited to managers who can take advantage of digital technologies, managers in charge of implementing digital transformations, IT specialists who consult about technology projects, and civil servants who build and manage digital environments in public organizations.






Degree Requirements

Core: 10 credits

Elective: 12(16) credits Advanced Seminar: 6 credits

Master of Digital Management 32 credits & Thesis / 36 credits & Research Report

Capstone: 4 credits



・Data Analytics for Business ・Digital Platform and Digital Business Model ・Managment for Digital Transformation

・Entrepreneurship and Innovation ・Business Core

・Ethics and CSR of Digital Business ・Global Strategy in the Digital Age

・Leadership for Digital Transformation ・World Landscape of the Digital Industry


・Japan’s Frontier of Digital Society ・New Business Creation and Venturing ・Service Management in the Digital Age ・Strategies for Digital Disruption

・Digital Supply Chain Management ・Finance and Technology ・International Security in a Digitized World ・Introduction to Electronic Government

・AI for Business ・Big Data Analytics ・Digital Human Resources Management ・Digital Marketing

・Management Courses such as Financial Accounting to be added





18 Digital Transformation Program

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