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Where the World Cooperates : Transcending Country Borders

The COV I D- 19 pandemi c ha s s t opped t he movement of people around the world and has made country borders much tighter than before. During this crisis, digital communication tools have emerged to help connect people. Our university, too, has coped wi th this emergency through on-line teaching. We are, however, not satisfied. Nothing is more powerful to connect people from different cultures than face-to-face encounters and interaction, which allows people to cross borders in their minds, foster international cooperation and thus contribute to enhancing globalization. IUJ is a small graduate school where the language of instruction is English and students from over 50 countries gather and live on a residential campus. This is the place where the world gathers. We are proud of this tradition, but will aim even higher to foster a place where the world cooperates: where international cooperation emerges on campus natura l l y and where s tudent s l earn how to cooperate smoothly.

Hiroyuki Itami President of IUJ

The nature and rich history of Minami Uonuma surrounds our university, though it is only 90 minutes from Tokyo. This area reminds us of the origins of Japan. Here, students learn not only the logic of how the world works but also of how Japan has developed, all in English. Such international understanding nurtures human networking across borders, which is the foundation of international cooperation. Creating a real place Where the World Cooperates, while effectively using many digital tools. This is the foremost contribution we want to aim for in the Post-Corona era.

With active interdisciplinary research initiatives and an interactive alumni network of more than 4,700 graduates from over 139 countries / regions, IUJ is making effective use of our global outreach to link up wo r l d o r g a n i z a t i on s , bu s i n e s s e s a nd governments both in and outside of Japan.

The International University of Japan (IUJ) was created in 1982, as Japan’s first graduate-school-only university, by bold leaders with a unique vision representing business, government and world organizations. IUJ equips students with interdisciplinary skills in politics, economics and management, as well as historical and cultural perspectives to take on current global issues in their chosen profession. Offering an English-only curriculum to students from 50+ countries taught by a highly qualified faculty, IUJ boasts master’s and doctoral degree in two graduate schools: GSIR - Graduate School of International Relations GSIM - Graduate School of International Management

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