IUJ brochures 2019-2020

Career Support

Career Counseling and Services at IUJ is aimed at supporting each individual student in his or her internship and job hunt. Our small campus size ensures individual attention, coaching, and introductions customized to help students prepare for and reach their professional goals. This in-house career coaching service is unique in Japan.

Where are IUJers Working? (examples from tears for private students)

Internships (examples from tears for private students)

・ Accenture Japan Ltd ・ AEON Fantasy Co Ltd. ・ Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisor ・ Ernst & Young ・ Google Japan ・ Japan Petroleum Exploration Co. Ltd ・ KPMG ・ LINE ・ Marubeni Corporation (Morocco)

・ AEON Bank ・ Asia Development ・ Ernst & Young ・ Financial Agency ・ Hitachi Ltd ・ JAPAN SECURITIES FINANCE CO., LTD. ・ JR East ・ KPMG, Tokyo & Myanmar ・ MetLife, Inc. ・ Nomura Securities, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok ・ ProQuest ・ SHIZEN ENERGY Inc. ・ Siemens, Tokyo ・ Skylight Consulting Inc. ・ Tozai Asset Management ・ Economics Research Institute for Northeast Asia ・ UNCRD Nagoya and Kenya ・ UNICEF

・ Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd ・ Mitsubishi Heavy Industry ・ MITSUI & CO. (Asia Pacific) Pte. LTD. (India) ・ Mizuho Bank, Ltd and Mizuho Financial Group Inc. ・ THE NIPPON SIGNAL CO., LTD ・ Rakuten, Inc. ・ SHIZEN ENERGY Inc. ・ Société Générale ・ UNDP Various Offices in various countries ・ UNICEF (Japan) ・ Ministries of Foreign Affairs in various countries ・ National Government Offices in various countries

How we can help;

We are committed to supporting you as you work to meet your busy schedule and commuting limitations. 【 IUJ resume book 】 We publish the IUJ Resume Book in November each year and distribute it to companies and organizations in Japan and overseas by postal mail and to those who visit HR directly. An Online version is also available. (Password required) 【 On Campus Recruiting Coordination 】 IUJ welcomes companies and organizations to recruit on our campus in Minami Uonuma City in Niigata prefecture for Information Sessions followed by interviews on the same day. We can also arrange Video Conferencing or telephone, Skype or Tokyo- based interviews. Interviews are held as follows: 1st – Early October to Mid November 2nd – Mid January through Early March – Main Recruiting time 3rd – Early April through Mid-June

On Campus Recruiting Coordination

Career support flow Orientation

Fall term (Early October to Mid-December)

Winter term (Early January to Mid-March)








• Career support registration • Create IUJ resume book • Interviews with Students

• Publish IUJ resume book

On Campus Recruiting Coordination (Mid-January to Early March)

• Career Guidance (Late September) • New StudentsWelcome Day

Individual consultation as needed (including by e-mail)

Summer internship

Spring term (Early April to Mid-June)

Summer term (IMBA) (Mid-June to Mid-August)






On Campus Recruiting Coordination (Early April to Mid-June)

Graduation of a one-year master's course (late August)

• Graduation of a two-year master's course (late June)

Individual consultation as needed (including by e-mail)

Changing Work Visa (for working in Japan)

Summer internship


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