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J apan- G lobal D evelopment P rogram

Learning Universal Logic in Development grounded in Japanese experience

The Japan-Global Development Program (JGDP) is a two-year master's program offered jointly by the GSIR and GSIM to provide students the opportunity to learn universal development and growth logic in the fields of politics, economy and management, using Japan's experiences in economic development and corporate growth as basic case materials. The JGDP is built on the following ideas: 1. International students learn about the logic and lessons in development from Japanese experiences (both successes and failures) and acquire knowledge and skills to consider development strategies for their homelands. 2. Japanese students develop the ability to explain the logic of Japanese development in English by learning Japan's experiences and thus can communicate about them with the world. 3. Students who will work in the international arena in the future learn the universal logic of economic development and corporate growth using Japanese experiences as case materials. The JGDP is not intended as a program to train Japan specialists. The logic and lessons from Japan’s experience will help future leaders from abroad when they have to think about their strategy for development back home. Thus, the logic behind Japan’s experience can be applied to various global scenarios. That is why we call this program the Japan-Global Development Program. The JGDP enables Japanese students to explain their country’s development logically when they go abroad and helps them to play an active role as global leaders. Depending on the students’ wishes, they can select an area of specialization from those presented in the following table and choose which school they want to belong to. Those who choose “Foreign Policy,” “Economic Policy,” “Development Policy,” or “Public Management” belong to GSIR and those who choose “Management” belong to GSIM.

Degrees are awarded for the respective concentrations as follows:

Concentration (GSIR)

Degree Name

Foreign Policy Economic Policy

MA in International Relations

MA in Economics

Development Policy Public Management

MA in International Development

MA in Public Management

Concentration (GSIM)

Degree Name


Master of Business Administration

Curriculum JGDP courses offered by GSIR cover various fields, from the international political and economic environment after Japan's Meiji Restoration to Japan’s education system. Courses also deal with the characteristics of postwar Japanese economic growth, Japan’s foreign policy, Japanese politics, national security policy, foreign assistance policy, public finance and administration. JGDP courses offered by GSIM provide education on Japan's industrial development, Japanese-style management, corporate finance and Japan’s financial system, employment practices, manufacturing management, business leaders and development of SMEs. All the JGDP courses emphasize both theoretical background and international comparison. Degree Requirements The requirements for completing the JGDP are 1) two years of enrollment, 2) acquisition of at least 40 credits, 3) submission of a master’s thesis or research report after receiving the necessary research guidance, and 4) passing the thesis/research report evaluation and final examination. JICA Development Studies Program (JICA-DSP) The JGDP was jointly developed by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the International University of Japan.

JGDP Courses

Courses offered by GSIR

Courses offered by GSIM

・Development of Japanese Industries ・Japanese-style Management and Corporate Governance ・Japanese Corporate Finance and Financial System ・Japanese Employment Practices and Human Capital Accumulation ・Monozukuri (Manufacturing) Management in Japan ・Business Leaders in Japan ・Small to Medium-sized Firms in Japan

・Modern Japan in the World ・Int’l Political Economy and Japan’s Development Path ・Int’l Relations and Foreign Policy of Japan ・Japanese Foreign Assistance Policy ・Japanese Economic Development and Growing Asia ・Postwar Japanese Economy ・Postwar Japanese Politics ・Japanese National Security Policy ・Japanese Public Finance and Administration ・Japan’s Education System ・Japanese International Development Cooperation

(Besides the JGDP courses listed above, JGDP students are required to take courses offered by the master’s programs of their concentration. Each concentration or degree’s course requirements are detailed at the following URL: https://www.iuj.ac.jp/jgdp/ Japan Focus When students belonging to other master’s programs obtain 8 or more credits of JGDP courses, they can receive a special certificate of Japan Focus.

22 Japan-Global Development Program

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