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Center for Language Education and Research

English Language Program (ELP) English is the official language at IUJ. Those needing extra support are encouraged to take our 8-week Intensive English Program (IEP) in the summer before they become full-time students. In addition, throughout the academic year English and academic writing courses are offered to equip students with the language and skills they will need for their academic and professional careers. Academic English IUJ students can take a variety of English-language courses as a part of their graduate studies in IUJ’s degree programs. The Academic English courses provide first-year students with the necessary foundation in academic writing to succeed in their graduate studies. Second-year students can take English for Thesis Writing courses to prepare for writing their MA thesis. Finally, both first- and second-year students can take the Academic Engl i sh L i teracy cour se to improve thei r debate and wr i t ten The English for Professional Communication courses are offered to IUJ students interested in developing their written (email, memo, report writing) and spoken (interviewing, meeting management, negotiation) business English skills. Summer Intensive English Program (IEP) IUJ ’s Intensive Engl ish Program (IEP) provides intermediate- to advanced-level English training for students who intend to enter IUJ’s graduate programs and for professionals who wish to immerse themselves in English in preparation for work assignments that involve substantial international English communication. We offer intensive instruction in developing effective academic study strategies in an English-only environment and help to prepare students for their course work beginning in the fall. At the same time, students participate in extracurricular activities for social and cross-cultural communication purposes. This is an eight-week program that runs from mid-July to early September. argumentation skills. Business English

Japanese Language Program (JLP) Basic and Elementar y Japanese: helps s tudent s acqui re basic communi cat ion sk i l l s in Japanese. Intermedi ate and Upper- Intermediate: focuses on mastery of the application of basic Japanese skills. Advanced: covers the ability to explain and discuss social issues and topics related to learner ’s interests. A Japanese Presentation Exhibition is held annually where students can demonstrate their achievements in Japanese language acquisition. The JLP also of fers noncredit courses such as Business Japanese, where participants learn honorifics and manners needed for Japanese business situations. Goals of each course Course JLPT Level # of kanji learned Oral Proficiency Interview Elementary N4~5 300 Mid-novice to Low- intermediate Intermediate N3 600 High-intermediate Upper- Intermediate N2~3 900 Low-advanced Advanced N1~2 1000~ Mid- to High- advanced Intensive Japanese Program Intensive Japanese Programs for zero beginners are held for students sponsored by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and IUJ students. The programs are 4 to 6 days in length, and help learners acquire what’s necessary for their daily lives in Japan such as greetings, self- introductions, phrases for shopping, and phonetic syllables, i.e. , hiragana and katakana.

IEP Schedule

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Morning Oral Communication Skills &Academic Listening Skills

IUJ Prospective students: Text Skills (basic academic reading and writing) IUJ Non-matriculating students: Text Skills (basic academic reading and writing)


Business communication skills

Extracurricular activities

Individual guidance / private lessons Cross-Cultural Communication/Cross-Cultural awareness (Hiking, field trips, barbecues, other activities)

Center for Language Education and Research (CLEAR) Faculty Profiles

ANTHONY CROOKS Professor M.A. TESOL, Deakin University, 1999 RUSSELL MAYNE Assistant Professor M.A. in TESOL/Applied Linguistics, University of Leicester, 2007 MICHAEL MONDEJAR Assistant Professor M.A. in TESOL, Columbia University's

AKIHIRO TAKEUCHI Professor M.A. in Applied Linguistics (TJFL), Monash University, 1994 SAYAKA KURASHINA Assistant Professor M.ED. in Language and Culture Education, Hiroshima University, 2004 AYAKO NAGAI Assistant Professor Ph.D. in International and Advanced Japanese Studies (Japanese Pedagogy), Tsukuba University, 2016 MIKA ISHIBASHI Assistant Professor M.A. in Japanese Language Education, J.F. Oberlin University, 2007



Teachers College, 2012 DANIEL PARSONS Assistant Professor Master of Education, Open University, UK, 2011

24 Center for Language Education and Research

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