IUJ brochures 2020-2021

Job offer within three months of graduation: IUJ is ranked # 8 worldwide

2019 MBA Ranking

Student Voice

Mehnaz Rahman (Bangladesh) JERA Co., Inc.

IUJ career support matched my skills and interests with companies’ requirements and supported me fully as I prepared my resume and got ready for interviews. They provide customized care and counseling to each job hunter. MBA Program, Class of 2020

Where are IUJers Working? - examples from tears for private students

<Logistics Services> •NIPPON EXPRESS CO., LTD. <International Organization> •UNDP Various Offices in various countries •UNICEF (Japan) <Government> •Ministries of Foreign Affairs in various countries •National Government Offices in various countries

<IT and IT Services> •Google Japan •Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd •Rakuten, Inc. <Energy> •JERA Co., Inc. <Construction> •SHIMIZU CORPORATION •Taisei Corporation <Trading> •Marubeni Corporation (Morocco) •Mitsubishi Corporation

<Consulting> •Accenture Japan Ltd •Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisor LLC •KPMG <Financial Services>

•Société Générale <Manufacturing>

•THE NIPPON SIGNAL CO., LTD •Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. •Yokogawa Electric Corporation

Internship - examples from tears for private students

•AEON Bank, Ltd. •Asian Development Bank Institute •JAPAN SECURITIES FINANCE CO., LTD. •East Japan Railway Company •EBEMATSU CO., Ltd •The Economics Research Institute for Northeast Asia

•Isen Co., Ltd. •KANTAR JAPAN Inc. •KPMG, Tokyo & Myanmar •ProQuest •Shinetsu Works Corporation •SHIZEN ENERGY Inc.

•Siemens, Tokyo •Skylight Consulting Inc. •UNCRD Nagoya and Kenya •UNICEF

Spring term (Early April to Mid-June)

Summer term (IMBA) (Mid-June to Mid-August)






On Campus Recruiting Coordination (Early April to Mid-June)

Graduation of a one-year master's course (late August)

• Graduation of a two-year master's course (late June) Individual consultation (including by e-mail), Resume Reviewing & Mock Interview as needed

Changing Work Visa (for working in Japan) Summer internship

Career Support



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