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Message from Alumni

Individual career support for the Japanese job market

Coming to Japan in pursuit of a master’s degree with my limited knowledge of Japanese culture and no knowledge of the Japanese language, I was not sure what to expect. Luckily, attending IUJ has been one of the most rewarding decisions I could have made in my life. Having spent two surreal years on the IUJ campus, I was able to fully immerse myself in Japan’s unique culture while establishing powerful bonds with incredible individuals from all across the world and sharing remarkable experiences. Starting my career in Japan was quite challenging, but IUJ has turned it into a reality. IUJ’s capable professors and staff equipped me with the necessary skills and resources to break into the Japanese job market and to excel thereafter by providing me with individual support every step of the way. From internship and job-hunting support to its successful Japanese language program, IUJ helped pave the way for my career and life in Japan.

Irhad Alispahic (USA)

MBA Program Class of 2018 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries,Ltd.

Knowledge, networks and confidence create your international career

My job roles include creating infrastructure development programs i n v a r i ou s de v e l op i ng c oun t r i e s and p r opo s i ng t he i r implementation to Japanese Government and international organizations such as JICA. I utilize knowledge learnt at IDP such as cost benefit analysis to measure the impact of infrastructure projects, etc. I made many international friends, including government officials, from various countries through IUJ’s campus l ife. Now I am honored to have major government networks in Asia and Africa, and I consult them to contribute to infrastructure development in those countries. The value proposition of IUJ is that all the courses are in English, creating a fully English environment. I interacted with many English speakers from different countries, which gave me confidence to close better business deals with international clients. The knowledge, networks and confidence obtained at IUJ enable me to realize international projects to bridge Japan with my classmate’s countries.

Katsutoshi Unetsubo (Japan)

IDP Program Class of 2015 Nippon Engineering Consultants Co., LTD

Message from Alumni


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