IUJ brochures 2020-2021

An inclusive university in a scenic location

IUJ is an inclusive university where I felt tranquil interacting with Japanese students and staff members. Its focus on strong academi c and p r ac t i ca l l ea r n i ng p r epa r ed me f o r t he professionalism and etiquette expected in Japanese companies. I was offered an excellent job by my current infrastructure building company before graduation due to the relevant training and efforts of IUJ’s job placement services. My job includes extending support in safety and reassurance to public transport in Japan and overseas. This has given me an opportunity to contribute back to society both in Japan and overseas, where I have supported project conception and implementation. The scenic location (surrounded by mountains and lush green woods) of IUJ makes you introspective and prepares you for a better tomorrow by keeping your mind ready and your heart at ease. IUJ is the place where I not only got my management education but also found my moments of Zen.

Reeya Unetsubo (India)

MBA Program Class of 2015 Nippon Signal Co., LTD

Network for success in the globalized world

Based on my experiences as a student as well as an employee of various companies in Georgia and Japan, I believe that networking is the key to success in the modern globalized world. My initial advice to new students is to keep a high academic record, but it is equally important to find time to connect and socialize with peers from different countries outside the academic environment. It will give you opportunities to learn about various cultures, religions, life-styles, and success stories first hand. And having friendly relationships with bright minds and future leaders of different countries might contribute to potential collaborations in the future. IUJ provides cross-cultural understanding and friendships between nations through the unique opportunity it offers to live together with representatives of 50+ countries. This diverse student body is one of IUJ’s main competitive advantages.

Nino Tskhvariashvili (Georgia) PMPP Program Class of 2018 NaexasCompass Group

Message from Alumni


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