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70% of IUJ International Students Receive Full Scholarships

Scholar Voice

MEXT Ahmet Aslan (Turkey) MBA Program

AEON Naw Moo Moo Paw (Myanmar) PMPP

MEXT scholarships offer the great opportunity to study at IUJ, and they carry prestige that you will hold throughout your life. This wonderful award will allow you to advance to the next stage.

My dream was to pursue internat ional higher education aboard. My master’s degree would not have been possible without the AEON scholarship

ADB Racquel Therese Cruz Valencia Acuin (Philippine) IRP My ADB scholarship opened the door for me to study International Relations in Japan for two years as well as nurture relationships in a global setting here at IUJ.

Nakayama Montakana Teenakul (Thailand) MBA Program

As MBA programs are some of the most expensive courses out there, scholarships are hard to find. I am real ly thankful to IUJ for offering me one of their “Nakayama scholarships”, which are awarded without regard to nationality or Japanese language skills.


To apply for a scholarship

1. Read the IUJ Scholarship Guidelines. 2. In Phase 2 of the Online Application, you will find a Scholarship application to fill in. 3. Complete and submit the Scholarship application by the Application Deadline 4. The Admissions Committee considers scholarship awards along with the Admissions decisions.




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https://www.iuj.ac.jp/admis/scholarship/ Scholarships Guidelines for Non-Japanese Applicants


All Applicants are eligible

Scholarship Information


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