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A HANDSOME SET. 3 LARGE VOLUMES IN MOROCCO GRAINED FABRIKOID BINDING A t the Price Offered Everyone— Minister, Teacher, Student, or Individual Reader

may enjoy a Real Bible Study Course at Smallest Cost. These are Authors' Own Editions prepared by the Authors' own hands.

Authors' Own Editions RIBL£ JTUMira çaUORKinGta LIBRAI» COMPKtStifG ■

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3. Cruden's Complete Concordance Nearly 100,000 References, Notes, Proper Names, in Consecutive Order. For over a century and a half this work has held its place as an indispensable Bible reference help. Everyone, whether ordained Min­ ister, Lay Preacher, Evangelist, Scripture Reader, Missionary, or Sunday School Teacher will appre­ ciate its indispensable help. This unabridged edition enables one, with the smallest amount of labor and in the shortest time, to select all the Scripture passages neces­ sary to illustrate a subject or in­ terpret a theme.

1. Gray's Commentary on the Bible By JAMES M. GRAY, D.D. For Many Years Dean of the Moody Bible Institute Over 350,000 Words, 443 Double Column Pages, Over 25,000 Questions, Index. “At last! A truly competent American commentary on the Bible in one volume a t a price within the reach of all—never, in a really popular sense, met before. “This is eminently the Commentary of the people. No Sunday-school teacher can afford to be without it, and in any Christian home it will enrich the family devo­ tions, answer the children’s questions, and stimulate the study of the sacred Oracles. “It seems to me that no English-speaking Christian can afford to be without this book. He will rise from its study with more sermons than he will live long enough to preach.”—DR. C. I. SCOFIELD in “The Sunday School Times.”

2. Smith's Bible Dictionary Every Subject, Person, Place or Event in The Bible Treated with Fullness and Fidelity. This is the only American edition of the abridgment made by Dr. Smith from his great encyclopedic work. Containing every name in the Bible, it gives an account of each of the books of the Bible; an explanation of the civil and religious institutions, the manners and customs of the Jews, as well as of the va­ rious nations alluded to in the Scriptures. New edition profusely illustrated, in­ cluding many added illustrations, valu­ able maps, engravings of ancient cities, and memorable places, etc.

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Why Deprive Yourself Longer of the Best Bible Study Tools?

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