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Rhythm is an essential part of our lives. As the busyness of Summer fades, Fall is a time of returning to this rhythm; School starts again, the seasons change, and the pace of the day to day is restored. There is definitely something to be said for taking a break from the patterns of everyday life, but the value of consistent, focused routine cannot be understated. As we move into this next pattern of life and work, the threat of getting bogged down by all the details and losing sight of the goal is all too real. However, the best growth I have seen in my life has been rooted in consistancy and dedication. As we transition back into the rhythm of fall, we should move step by step toward our goals (around here we call these goals, rocks), not losing sight of our progress in the middle of the mundane. There was a book I read recently where the author told a story about this idea. He had gone back to college as an adult and discovered a big difference

between his outlook on learning and the younger students’. Where his classmates were only focused on the final grade, losing the enjoyment of learning in the process, the author had realized that his own experience was much more fruitful and enjoyable. This was because he took the time to enjoy learning itself, not merely focusing on passing the course. This is an amazing realization that shows the value of rhythm and enjoying the process of life. Two people who have bought into this step-by-step mindset are our two newest physical therapists, Randy Young and Jonathan Rodgers, who will be joining our team later this month. They are hometown boys who have grown up in Hot Springs. I am so excited to see them join our Spa City family. Their roots are established in this area, and I know they will make a huge difference in this community by serving others with excellence and consistency.

-Lee Sowerbutts


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