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What Could Possibly Bring a Red Sox Fan and a Yankees Fan Together?

being able to give the Yard Goats the same color scheme as the old Hartford Whalers, the team that left in 1997 to become the Carolina Hurricanes.

M inor league baseball has some of the greatest team names in all of sports. Where else are you going to find the Rubber Ducks playing against the Biscuits?

Here at the office, we’re both baseball fans, but we’re divided when it comes to our team allegiances. While we argue legal cases together

as a team, we argue about baseball on opposite sides of the table. Kelly is a big Red Sox fan. Paul is a big Yankees fan. You can see where this might be an issue. We’d hire a mediator, but let’s face it — there’s no fixing this situation. We’ll have to let the teams do the talking for us, starting on April 10 when the Yankees open up a three-game series in Boston. The best part of having the Yard Goats is that it improves our community. We’re sure Hartford’s geography puts many of you in the same situation we’re in. We’re smack dab in the middle of Boston and New York,

Or even the Jumbo Shrimp versus the Blue Wahoos? It’s pure, unadulterated fun, and we can’t get enough of it. That’s why we were so excited when Hartford got its very own team. But when it came time to come up with a unique name of its own, the team did something very different. Rather than leave it up to ownership or the players, the team opened it up to the public. What followed brought us the final product of Hartford’s very own Yard Goats.


Some of you may remember the “Name the Team” contest, as it drew in 6,000

submissions. What you may not remember is that Yard Goats nearly lost out to Whirlybirds. Hartford’s new mascot was chosen out of a final list of five fan-submitted names: Hedgehogs, Praying Mantis, River Hogs, Whirlybirds, and Yard Goats. When it finally got down to it, Yard Goats prevailed. While the logo is an actual goat, a yard goat is something quite different. In the train industry, a yard goat is a slang term for a switch engine. These are the small trains that move train cars and assemble them for a full-blown locomotive to take over for transport. Just as with any sports team name, there are going to be people who dislike it. But this is minor league baseball, and it’s supposed to be fun! Perhaps one of the nicest parts of bringing a team to Hartford was

so there are bound to be fans pulled in either direction. The Yard Goats bring us together under one roof to celebrate all the great things baseball means to our community. It allows us to come together as a city to celebrate all the wonderful aspects of Hartford. People of all backgrounds are brought together to root for the home team, no matter how odd the name may be. That’s why we love what we do as a firm, because we care about our community and we want to serve others. The Yard Goats do the same, just in a very different way. –Paul Levin & Kelly Kasheta

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