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Don’t Let Social Media Become Your Business’s Downfall

Social media plays a significant role in everyone’s lives now. Nearly every adult in the U.S. spends time daily on a social network.Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter,WhatsApp, LinkedIn, or Instagram, millions of people check their feeds every single day, if not several times a day. There are many reasons why people spend time on these social networks, but one of the top motivators includes sharing information about businesses, whether it’s regarding coworkers, how their working day has gone, or a customer-service experience. At the same time, you’re probably engaged in some form of social media marketing.This is good because it helps with SEO and increases awareness of your business. But that doesn’t mean online content is always beneficial. Social media involves users sharing their experience with a business. If their comments are positive, you win. If they’re negative, it can poorly affect your business in a big way. Some businesses have even shut down because of a social media backlash. Have a Strong Social Media Policy for Employees All employees should know what they can and can’t share about your business online.This should be a written policy that they sign to indicate they’ve read it and they know about the consequences should they break any of the rules. Have a Content-Editor System in Place to Ensure Suitable Content The person who manages your social media content should have a supervisor to ensure all content published is suitable. Even something as little as a spelling mistake can make the difference between customers liking your content or not. Programs like Hootsuite can actually help with this. It doesn’t cost too much and ensures your professionalism and company image is portrayed correctly on social media. In light of this, you have to be careful how you manage your social media profile. Here are some quick tips to help you.

Respond Quickly If someone mentions your brand on social media, you should be quick to respond to their comment. It could be something as simple as a thank you, or they could be notifying you of a serious problem your customer service team needs to deal with. Surveys have found that customers assume brands will respond within 1–2 hours of leaving a comment on social media. If a customer or potential customer took the time to call out your business or brand, in either a positive or negative way, you should take the time to respond. Have a Content Plan Do you know what the most successful brands on social media have? They have a content plan.This outlines what they are publishing, when, and why. Create a plan for your social media manager to follow. It helps them focus their efforts and prevents quick updates from being published that are full of mistakes. With so many businesses on social media these days, it’s likely you’re using it, too. However, being on social media and using it right are two different things. Ensure your brand is being portrayed for its professionalism, and don’t fall prey to some of the common mistakes listed above. -Shayne


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