Focus on Redmond - Summer 2019

Volume XXXIV No. 2 Summer 2019


Housing Choices


Get Connected with the City


Growing Up in Redmond

Protecting Our Environment


I have lived in Redmond for nearly my entire life. My neighborhood, like so many around the Puget Sound area, was a bedroom community. Most

community is an opportunity that the City’s leadership holds in high regard. We continue to work together and unify our efforts in areas such as affordable housing, environmental stewardship, and technology deployment to benefit everyone in the community so that Redmond will remain the beautiful and vibrant City we are proud to live, play, work, and invest. The Redmond City Council’s outcome- driven plan strategically advances the City’s vision and is based on priorities established by years of community involvement and through the budgeting by priorities process. This summer we will be seeking the community’s feedback on the draft 2019 Community Strategic Plan utilizing our newest community involvement tool: Let’s Connect Redmond is an online forum for the community to easily share feedback and ideas with the City. This is a digital “town hall” that provides a transparent and efficient way to empower the community and help the City accomplish four things: Listen – hear everyone’s input through simple surveys, polls, stories, and ideation tools. Inform – Give the Redmond community one place to find facts, project timelines, important documents, and results.

Transportation Topics


Mayor John Marchione

Council Notes


fathers left for work in unison every morning and returned at the same time each evening. The majority were employed at the region’s largest employer, Boeing. At that time, Redmond had one stop light, mostly single-family homes, the old grain silo on Cleveland Street and, Redmond’s annual tradition, Bicycle Derby Days. Reflecting on my time as Redmond’s Mayor I am proud of the foundation we built for the future and appreciative of what we have accomplished together over the decades and during the past twelve years I have served as Mayor. Today, Redmond hosts one of the region’s largest employers, Microsoft, provides different housing choices, preserved existing neighborhoods, and has created a vibrant and welcoming Downtown Redmond. As Redmond continues to transform in both big and small ways, the City remains focused on being a welcoming and inclusive community for all. Managing Redmond’s growth while continuing to foster a connected and collaborative

Parks & Recreation


Measure – Allows the City to get to analyze comments and quantify sentiments. Build Community - participant relationships will help us grow the Redmond community with each project. We look forward to hearing from you! On Friday and Saturday, July 12 and 13, Redmond will host the 79th annual Derby Days. I hope you will join me in celebrating this tradition that continues to connect our community and honor our history.

John Marchione Redmond Mayor

MeetYour City Council Redmond has seven councilmembers who are elected by voters to adopt the City budget, establish law and policy, approve appropriations and contracts, levy taxes, and grant franchises.

Housing Choices Redmond is a diverse community that more than 64,000 people call home and where over 94,000 people find employment. As the number of people who desire to live in Redmond has increased, the supply of housing

Redmond’s Comprehensive Plan describes: • A housing supply that enables people who work in Redmond to live in Redmond. • A variety of housing types, sizes, densities, and prices to serve Redmond’s diverse community.

Jeralee Anderson Position #6

affordable at a variety of levels has not kept pace with demand. A focus of the City Council is to produce housing choices across all income levels that mirror Redmond’s workforce, which would include addressing shortfalls in affordable and middle-income units.

Angela Birney Position #5 President

David Carson Position #7 Vice-President

Focusing Efficient Growth in our Urban Centers and Preserving Our Single-Family Neighborhoods

Steve Fields Position #2

The City is working on a variety of tools to increase the housing supply: • ARCH Housing Fund: for every $1 the City contributes, $10 is leveraged • Community Development Block Grants: Approximately $100,000 a year in federal grants • Surplus Public Land: publicly owned land for affordable housing • Inclusionary Housing: 10% of dwellings made affordable • Multifamily Property Tax Exemption Program (MFTE): tax exemption • Flexible Land Use Requirements: allows for smaller homes • Federal Low-Income Tax Credits: program raises capital to reduce debt and equity requirements • State of WA Housing Trust Fund: funding toward affordable/special needs housing

Hank Margeson Position #3

Hank Myers Position #1

Tanika Padhye Position #4

Learn more about your Redmond City Council at


Let’s Connect! Join the Community Conversation

Visit the New Redmond.govWebsite Stay informed and enjoy some of the newest features: • Enhanced user experience • Improved look, feel, and functionality • Improved search and navigation • Mobile friendly and responsive • Improved ADA and translation features

Look for the New Online Open House Coming soon! You’ll have the opportunity to: • Learn about projects

Redmond’s decision-making is informed by robust community involvement that meaningfully and effectively engages the community early and often, focusing on key topics of interest in a manner that is equitable, barrier-free, and recognizes the needs and interests of the community.

• Provide feedback • Answer questions • Submit ideas

Let’s Talk

Get Involved

Be Heard

Speak Up


Mobile Integrated Health Redmond Fire Department Partners on a Creative Community Solution

Many residents have already benefited from the MIH service. MIH is able to help patients quickly and immediately provide them with resources as needed, and save thousands of dollars in unnecessary costs. Services provided include: • Transportation • Chronic Disease Management • Preventative Care

In its short history, MIH has seen hundreds of patients and is helping Redmond residents stay healthy and independent longer. For questions and more information about MIH, visit or contact Battalion Chief Eric Timm, Medical Services Officer, at or 425-556-2201 .

What is Mobile Integrated Health (MIH)? The MIH program is funded and operated by Medic One and local fire departments, in partnership with King County Emergency Medical Services. Specially trained firefighter EMTs and paramedics assist residents by connecting them to the right resources quickly to increase community health and well-being at a lower cost.


New Zealand Mudsnails Found in a Redmond Creek

New Zealand Mudsnails (NZMS) were recently discovered in one of Redmond’s creeks. These tiny, invasive snails do not harm people or pets, but they disrupt salmon feeding. Hardy and adaptable, the snails can spread out to cover stream and lake bottoms and live in a variety of physical environments, including pipes and ditches. They may also survive out of water for several weeks in damp material, such as mud.

3. Drain any stream or lake water collected in gear or equipment before you leave a site. Rinse off the gear in clean, potable water away from the waterbody and let it dry for 48 hours before reuse. Do not flush rinse water down the storm drain—it can reach our creeks and spread mudsnails! The City is working with contractors and notifying private developers about this new challenge. We will continue to check several creeks this summer to identify other hotspots. Thank you for helping us limit the spread of these tiny invaders! Please visit for more information.

Two New Zealand Mudsnails

If you visit any body of water in the greater Seattle area, please take these steps to help stop the spread of mudsnails across Redmond: 1. Carefully scrub off any debris or mud from waders, boots, or clothing that come in contact with streams, lakes or mud. Clean these items and let them dry out for 48 hours. 2. Keep pets out of streams and lakes. If your dog wades into the water, carefully dry off or brush him/her on dry land. Focus on paws and bellies.

Help limit the movement and transport of NZMS

Mudsnails can hitch a ride on boots, clothes, animal fur, and equipment. At the size of a small pebble, they may be carried down streams or storm drains to new locations.

Done with a Painting Project?

Paint can pollute Redmond’s streams, rivers, and underground drinking water supply. When you have a painting project, follow these steps for safe clean-up, recycling, and disposal. NEVER pour paint, solvents, or rinse water onto the ground or into a storm drain! Got extra paint? Store indoors or under cover and place a tray underneath to contain any leaks or spills.

Latex Paint

Oil-Based Paint/Satin

Dispose of brush and tool rinse water into a sink, toilet, or other connection to sani-tary sewer. DO NOT dispose of rinse water into a septic system. Visit a paint recycling location and recycle for a small fee. Or, dry out leftover paint and add cat litter or other paint hardener (1:1) until fully hardened; place dry container with lid off in garbage.

Collect all painting supplies, including solvents used in clean up, for safe disposal. Keep off the ground. DO NOT flush downs sinks or toilets.

Clean Up

Dispose of leftover paint, stain, and solvents/rinse for free at hazardous waste drop-off locations.

Recycling and Disposal


Keeping Our Groundwater Clean Thousands of years ago, glaciers

and rivers deposited sand and gravel under what is now a large portion of Redmond. Today, water flows through the spaces within this material much like a sponge, replenishing our “aquifer” – a shallow water resource that supplies 40% of Redmond’s drinking water. Protecting Our Groundwater Since contaminants like oil and chemicals can infiltrate down to the aquifer, Redmond has established special protection areas – called Critical Aquifer Recharge Areas (CARAs) – to keep municipal supply wells safe. Within these areas, the City works with businesses and developers to implement specific protection standards. Recently, Redmond updated the CARAs with more robust computer modeling and an additional 10+ years of data. As part of this update, Redmond convened a community sounding board of people with diverse perspectives who participated in a series of meetings to gain technical background on the groundwater model and provide valuable input on the process.

Groundwater supply most vulnerable to pollutants due to the way it flows (CARA I) Groundwater supply vulnerable to pollutants (CARA II)

How can you help? • Fix car leaks – Even a small leak can have an impact. Visit for ways to check for leaks and steps to fix them. • Use natural yard care – Chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides can make their way into our groundwater. Visit for natural alternatives and be sure to follow directions on the container of any product you use. • Safely dispose of hazardous waste – Products such as motor oil, cleaning solvents, or pesticides should never be dumped on the ground or in a drain. For FREE disposal, visit the Factoria Hazardous Waste facility or .


East Link Extension East Link construction is more than halfway complete! In Redmond, that means a lot of new concrete and steel popping up. You can now see the layout of the Redmond Technology Station platform, transit loop and the 320-stall garage. At the Overlake Village Station, the future platform and bicycle/pedestrian bridge over SR 520 are also clearly taking shape. Keep an eye on local traffic alerts and follow project progress at . Downtown Redmond Link Extension Sound Transit is on schedule to select a design-build contractor this summer. The winning team will take the project from concept to final design and construction. Expect public meetings in early 2020 to learn about construction plans for the Downtown and Southeast Redmond stations. S O U N D T R A N S I T : Light Rail Update Written by Ryan Bianchi, Sound Transit

Construction of the Redmond Technology Station

Find more information and schedule a project briefing:

East Link Extension:

Downtown Redmond Link Extension:

Construction of the Redmond Technology Station

Be Safe as You Enjoy Biking this Summer Bike Safety Tips

Trail Etiquette Please keep these tips in mind to be considerate of others and everyone’s safety.

Whether you’re new, advanced or anywhere in between, take a look at these safety reminders.

Be visible! Wear bright colors & lights

Always wear a helmet

“Sharrows” show you where to ride

Give audible signal when passing

Stay to the right

Pass on the left

Align your bike with loop detectors to change a light

Yield (bikes to peds to horses to bikes)

Lock up your wheel & frame

Always ride with the flow of traffic

15 mph speed limit

Don’t take more than half the trail


Council Notes

In May, the City Council adopted the Community Strategic Plan, which sets a 6-year vision. It provides clarity on the City’s priorities and helps guide Redmond into the future. As the City continues to grow, it is important that we remain focused and aligned on the priorities set forth in the biennial budget. Redmond residents selected these priorities, and they help the City strategically plan and focus on what is most important. Implementation of this plan will enable us to continue to maintain a high quality of life and services throughout the City. The Community Strategic Plan includes: Housing Choices Affordable housing is an ongoing issue that is affecting the entire Puget Sound Region. The Community Strategic Plan focuses on having a variety of housing options for all

income levels. Furthermore, it takes a dual approach by focusing on both preservation of existing affordable housing stock and creation of new affordable housing units. It sets forth both short-term and long-term goals. Environmental Sustainability Our vision is to have a Redmond that has a healthy and sustainable environment for all generations. We want to conserve our natural resources, preserve our high quality of life, and draw from scientific-based data. Cultural Inclusion We want a Redmond in which all residents can fully and effectively access city services, influence city policy and direction, and feel a sense of belonging and safety. The goal is to provide programs, strategies, and activities so we can deliver excellent service to our diverse community.

connected, smart, and future- focused, with highly-engaged users and easily used products. We want to create partnerships that drive Smart City strategy, have a solid platform of internal systems that support and directly align with city business, and modernize external systems. Additionally, we want a Redmond that is safe, multi-modal, smart, green, and has high value for long- term infrastructure investments that support the future needs of our City. To review the full Community Strategic Plan, visit .

Contact Us Council email: Council website:

Mayor and Council email:

Infrastructure — Capital & Technology Our vision is a Redmond that is

Marymoor Park

Stay Focused

Lake Sammamish

Stay Focused as the Overlake Neighborhood transforms into a vibrant urban center. A combination of both private and public investment will result in a dynamic place providing a mix of employment, recreational and residential opportunities. During construction, please continue to support neighborhood businesses and find details about construction projects and impacts at .


Truck Routes Microsoft Campus Refresh, Sound Transit Light Rail & Esterra Park Projects Overlake Traffic Impacts Due to Construction

40th St


Light Rail Station Construction NE 51st St Road Construction Begins summer 2019

NE 24th St


Let's Get Social Don’t forget to connect with us!

Last revised May 17, 2019

@CityofRedmond Comcast 21 & Frontier 34 City of Redmond | Office of Communications |


d m

2019 is the first full year that Downtown Park is open to the community. In addition to great park amenities, the community is invited to enjoy events and recreation activities. Join Us at Downtown Park!

Upcoming Activities Check out upcoming FREE community activities happening this summer at Downtown Park.

Community Game Nights Enjoy jumbo games like Cornhole, Connect 4, Checkers, and more. 6/20, 6/27, & 8/8 5 – 8 p.m. Family POP-UP Play Enjoy family-friendly games, activities, and fun in the park. 7/19 & 7/30 | 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. Outdoor Fitness Classes Come as you are and enjoy motivating and quality instruction for all skill levels. Boot Camp 8/9 11 a.m. - Noon Yoga 6/25, 7/11 6 - 7 p.m. Bodyblast 6/25, 7/11 7:30 - 8 p.m.

Things to Do at Downtown Park:

Cool Off in the Splash Pad The splash pad is open for the season. Stop by for some water fun!

Picnic, Play, or Rest in the Great Lawn The great lawn is the perfect spot for a day of leisure and relaxation. Attend an Event Enjoy one of our upcoming events this summer at the Downtown Park. View the events calendar at .


e e v e

July 12 & 13

Derby Days Friday & Saturday, July 12 & 13 Redmond City Hall

Redmond’s favorite summer festival, it’s Game On! at Derby Days this year. Bring the whole family for a carnival, parades, bike races, music, virtual reality games, and much more.

July 18 & 25 August 1 & 8

Rockin’ on the River Thursdays, July 18, 25 & August 1, 8 Garden Plaza Lawn behind Senior Center Enjoy an evening of classic rock with the whole family. Each night features a new tribute band and food.

August 15, 22, 29

So Bazaar                             Thursdays, August 15, 22, & 29 Downtown Park & Redmond Central Connector Park Your imagination destination, So Bazaar is a night market like you’ve never experienced before. Join your neighbors for art, music, and food. Big Truck Day                             Friday, August 16 Farrel-McWhirter Park Calling all kids! Come to Farrel-McWhirter Park and spend an afternoon climbing on and around all sorts of BIG RIGS! Registration required.

August 16

Visit to stay up-to-date on all our summer events.


Redmond Arts Studio Classes

Get outdoors this summer to draw, paint, sculpt and create with these classes for all levels and skills! Choose from a variety of art classes each taking place in one of our local Redmond parks.

Urban Sketching At Grass Lawn Park Urban Sketching is a fun way of capturing the world around you. This drawing style looks like a snapshot recording of places, people, and things in your life. Ages 16+ An experienced instructor will provide step-by-step, interactive instruction to guide you. In this two-part course, all participants will have the chance to hand build and throw pottery on the wheel. Ages 13+ Intro to Clay At Grass Lawn Park

Plein Air Painting At Downtown Park Painting en plein air (painting

Naturescapes At Farrell McWhirter Park Where nature meets art, take

outdoors), combines art and the natural environment around you. This class will bring you outdoors to paint in natural light. Ages 18+ The Basics of Candid Photography At City Hall Campus (Great Lawn) Learn tips and tricks that will help you better capture the candid details of your life. An optional field trip to Redmond Derby Days will take place and will culminate in a special printed photo display of the best student photos. Ages 15+

advantage of the beautiful Pacific Northwest summers with an outdoor drawing class. Farrell-McWhirter Park is the perfect backdrop for discovering a variety of stunning nature scenes. Ages 15+

For a complete list of classes. visit

Redmond Pool Closes For Improvements this Summer

The Redmond Pool is closed for system and mechanical improvements, as of June 24 and is anticipated to reopen in the fall. All activities, lessons and open swim have been relocated to the Juanita Aquatics

Center. For information and updates, please visit or follow us on Facebook at .


Hear From Us

Find Us

Sign up for our Parks and Recreation newsletter! We’ll keep you informed twice a month about events, activities, and classes! Sign up at .

16510 NE 79th St Redmond, WA 98052 Phone: 425-556-2370 Email: 6505 176th Ave NE Redmond, WA 98052 Phone: 425-556-2300 Email: guestservices@ CommunityCenter

Redmond Community Center at Marymoor Village

Old Fire House Teen Center

Join Us Volunteer Opportunities Visit Now Hiring for Recreation Staff! Apply at , or call our job hotline at 425-556-2121 . Register for Activities Browse and register for activities by visiting . Rent From Us Rent out meeting rooms, cabins, park shelters, and more by visiting . Be Social With Us

Redmond Senior Center (RSC)

8703 160th Ave NE Redmond, WA 98052 Phone: 425-556-2314 Email:

Farrel-McWhirter Farm Park

19545 NE Redmond Rd Redmond, WA 98053 Phone: 425-556-2309 FarrelMcWhirter

Everyone Plays

Redmond Arts Studio at Grass Lawn Park

7031 148th Ave NE Redmond, WA 98052

Inclusion Services We encourage and support the participation of individuals with disabilities in our activities. For more information about inclusive and adaptive activities, visit Fee Assistance Our desire is to make recreational opportunities available to all City of Redmond residents regardless of income. If you’re interested in learning more, please call 425-556-2300 .

Redmond Pool

17535 NE 104 St Redmond, WA 98052 Phone: 425-883-4422 *Pool will be closed as of June 24 for renovation.


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