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Scary Healing Can Be But Your Chiropractic Appointment Shouldn’t Be

While it doesn’t always happen, it isn’t too uncommon for appointments at the South Windsor Neck & Back office to be met with some apprehension from patients. These are people’s backs, after all, and one wrong move could impact every part of their body. And to be honest, sometimes those sounds coming from the body as I adjust it can be … well, weird. But I don’t have a passion for my job just because I enjoy the science behind it — I love helping patients through their healing process. That usually means talking them through my techniques and offering education along with the moves I do. With neck adjustments, I start by calmly walking a patient through the adjustment. At this point in an appointment, the patient would be lying on their back, and I encourage them to take a deep breath in, let it all out, and turn their head to the side. Then I start the process again, distracting them as they turn their head each time. If a patient isn’t relaxed, they are going to tense up, negating the positive effects of the adjustments and subsequently derailing progress. You can be educated on every anatomical piece of the spine and neck, but if you can’t make a patient comfortable in your own hands, you’re not providing them with real, manageable healing. As a chiropractor, I had to earn my bachelor’s degree and graduate from four years of specialized schooling in the science and technique behind spine and neck management. I can still remember graduation and the confidence I had. Every college graduate remembers the eagerness to get out into the world and share the knowledge learned in their classes.

Soon, reality sets in. For chiropractors, it’s realizing that you have someone’s life right in your palms. Through my experience and continued education, I’ve

added some weight behind that collegiate confidence and furthered the care I can provide for my patients. There’s still the heightened pressure of working with patients who have severe injuries or pain, but I still believe in my abilities and know that I’m capable of helping them. For those with neck injuries, confidence in a cure can be hard to find. Sometimes it can feel impossible to find a solution, as patients struggle with basic, everyday functions. To top it off, sometimes the treatment can be terrifying. Loud cracks and swift movements do nothing to quell these fears — but they certainly work wonders for the neck they are being performed on. And a good chiropractor will know how to communicate this with their patients. After all, if there’s a neck condition, there’s a treatment for it. Don’t believe me? Let me talk you through it. –Dr. Chris Colby


“Relief today ... function for life!”


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