2022 Oklahoma Health Plans Portfolio (IFB)


See how much you can save on your premium You may qualify for a subsidy even if you haven't qualified before.

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Consider your plan options Learn about our different plan types and choose the plan structure that best fits your budget and care needs. We have health plans made to work for everyone. Plan levels : Organized by Gold, Silver and Bronze plan levels. A way to identify which plans have a higher or lower base premium, and out-of-pocket costs. Plan types : Organized by Copay, Share, HSA, and Value plan types. Each is uniquely customized to meet your care needs while also lowering your costs. Check if your prescriptions are covered Search our drug list to make sure all of your prescription drugs are covered and find a pharmacy close to you.

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Review what's available in your county Some counties have several networks. Pick the one that works best for you.

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Where you have to live The county you live in determines which plans you can sign up for. Some counties have more than one plan option. Use the maps to identify where you have to live to enroll in each plan. Where you can get care A plan's network tells you which doctors, hospitals, and facilities accept your insurance and can lower your care costs. Each plan differs by its network. Use the maps to identify where you can get care with each plan's network. If you're looking for a specific provider, Search the network using each plan's provider search listed on the following pages. You can see if the provider is in-network with a Medica plan offered in your county.

Pick your plan and enroll Put your chosen network and plan type together to find the best plan that works for you.

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