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2000 S-5XL Adult T-Shirt

2000B YXS-YXL Youth T-Shirt

2400 S-2XL Adult Long Sleeve T-Shirt

2700 S-2XL New Style! Adult Sleeveless T-Shirt

5000 S-3XL  Adult T-Shirt

5000L LS-L3XL Ladies’ T-Shirt

5100P 2T-6T Toddler T-Shirt

5200 S-3XL New Style! Adult Tank Top

64000 S-3XL Adult T-Shirt

64000L LS-L3XL Ladies’ T-Shirt

64200L LS-L2XL Ladies’ Tank Top

64400 S-3XL Adult Long Sleeve T-Shirt

64400L LS-L3XL Ladies’ Long Sleeve T-Shirt

64V00 S-3XL Adult V-Neck T-Shirt

64V00L LS-L3XL Ladies’ V-Neck T-Shirt

SUB 42 S-3XL Adult T-Shirt

42000 S-3XL Adult T-Shirt

42000L LXS-L2XL Ladies’ T-Shirt

42000B YXS-YXL Youth T-Shirt

44S30 S-3XL Adult Shorts with Pockets

82800 S-5XL Adult Double Piqué Sport Shirt

82800L LS-L3XL Ladies’ Double Piqué Sport Shirt

72800 S-5XL  Adult Double Piqué Sport Shirt

18000B YXS-YXL Youth Crewneck Sweatshirt 18000 S-5XL Adult Crewneck Sweatshirt 72800B YXS-YXL  Youth Double Piqué Spo rt Shirt 72800L LS-L3XL  Ladies’ Double Piqué Sport Shirt

18400 S-5XL Adult Open Bottom Sweatpants

18400B YS-YXL Youth Open Bottom Sweatpants

18500 S-5XL Adult Hooded Sweatshirt

18500B YXS-YXL Youth Hooded Sweatshirt

185C00 S-3XL Adult Contrast Hooded Sweatshirt

SportGreyHood BlackBody

SportGreyHood NavyBody

SportGreyHood RedBody

BlackBody RedHood

NavyBody GoldHood

BlackHood SportGreyBody

18600 S-5XL Adult Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt

18600FL LS-L3XL Ladies’ Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt

18600B YXS-YXL Youth Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt

92500 S-3XL Adult Hooded Sweatshirt

Gildan®, Gildan Softstyle® and Gildan Performance® are registered trademarks owned by Gildan Activewear SRL. Gildan® Heavy Cotton™, Gildan® Ultra Cotton™, Gildan® Heavy Blend™, Gildan® DryBlend™ and Gildan® Premium Cotton™ are trademarks owned by Gildan Activewear SRL.

Legend:  New colour(s) offered in this style. ^ Safety Green is ANSI/ISEA certified as background material.



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