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December 2019

Two of my favorite winter activities are skiing and hockey. With winter in full swing, it’s the best time to head out with a few friends and my skis to spend a day out on the slopes, and, not to mention, winter is prime time for hockey too. SKIING AND HOCKEY

skiing and have skied out on a few slopes in the West, you’ll know what I’m talking about. On the East Coast, our snow is icy, and our winters are bitter cold; out West, the ski runs are longer, the snow is more of a powder, and the weather isn’t as freezing. So far, I’ve gone on a few skiing trips, once to Vail, Colorado, and another to Park City, Utah, with a group of friends. Both were fantastic skiing experiences that I hope to repeat when I get the chance. For as long as I’ve been skiing, I’ve also been playing hockey. Growing up, many of the parks I lived close to had large ponds that would completely freeze over, and a group of friends and I would always take the chance to get out and play a game or two. I also remember that the father of one of my good friends built a small ice rink in their backyard, and all of us would go over and play at his house quite a lot. Nowadays, once a week, I play center in a men’s hockey league that runs year-round. Our games and practices usually take place in the MedStar Capitals Iceplex, which is the same facility our local professional team, the Washington Capitals, uses. It’s a top-notch rink; you really feel like you’re a professional skater while you play on their quality ice. I’ve found that playing helps me stay connected with the game and our local hockey team. I like the Washington Capitals, and I try to follow them throughout the season, going to as many games as I can with the kids. Being able to play in the place they practice is really cool. Since I enjoy skiing and hockey so much, I’m looking forward to when my boys are old enough to participate, as well. We’ve enjoyed a few Washington Capitals games together, but I can’t wait to take them out on their first skiing trip and to my team’s practices for a chance to see the players up close.

I first started skiing when I was in middle school while living in New York. The school I was going to had a ski club that would go to the local ski resort upstate every so often, and I decided to join on a whim. At the time, all I wanted to do was find a winter sport or activity that could keep me busy during our long winters. A typical Rochester winter lasts about six months, and it really gives you an incentive to get involved with a winter sport. When I first tried skiing, I discovered that it was a lot more challenging than I thought but not so difficult that I didn’t enjoy it. It really clicked for me and made me want to pursue and practice it until I got better and better. Growing up, I did a lot of traditional skiing at a few resorts close to us, but I also did cross-country skiing. There were a lot of great parks around Rochester that I’d go through on my skis, which was a lot of fun. Through the rest of middle school and high school, I tried to go skiing as often as I could, but when I started college, I wasn’t able to go out as much as I wanted. I had very little free time as I made my way through undergrad, and even less when I entered chiropractic school. It’s only been in the past few years that I’ve had the chance to get back into it and travel around with a few friends to a couple of different places for a great ski trip.

-Dr. Todd P. Sullivan

Around the Washington, D.C., area, there are a few places to go skiing, but in my experience, the best slopes are out in the West. If any of you enjoy

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