Newsletter - July 2017

Board of Governors

The Official Newsletter of Seven Oaks Country Club

July 2017 Volume 24, Issue 7

Bruce Barnhard - President Joe Drew - Vice President Neetu Jhaj - Secretary Mitch Bronson Harvey Campbell Tom Christenson Dan Corriea Derek Holdsworth Dick Wurster Bruce Powelson - CFO

The Seven Oaks Scene


It seems as though I’ve heard something like this before… ’of the Members, by the Members, for the Members….’ As your current President, I would like to take a moment and say a big “Thank You” for being a SOCC Member and that on behalf of the SOCC Board of Governors (BOGS)… WE appreciate all of you!!!! Our hope and wish as conveyed through our SOCC Mission Statement is that all of you are having the ‘Seven Oaks CC Experience’ that was explained to you at the start of your Membership and hope that you are still experiencing to this day. This ‘Experience’ we want to convey and hope for, is the one that makes all of us proud to be SOCC Members. Not to be full of one’s self, but we want our Members to be proud to display, give knowledge and share our Club with all of your Family, Friends, Business Associates and acquaintances. We as your BOGS realize that to maintain a very high standard level of ‘Experience’ it comes along with some high demands and requirements. We realize our SOCC physical assets are second to none. We know our Management Team and all our Employees are second to none also. We know YOU, our Members are second to none. Therefore, it is imperative from your BOGS perspective that the ‘Experience’ is our focus to always be second to none. We also realize that nothing in this world is perfect. However, it does not preclude us from trying to achieve it and if along the way we become the BEST ….so be it and kudo’s to ALL OF US! In fact this year we were voted the BEST Private CC in Bakersfield or Kern County. So, Congratulations to everyone! It’s not easy nor simple to do what it takes to become the BEST and quite honestly, probably much harder to maintain than to achieve this moniker. But that is exactly what your 2017 BOGS in conjunction with the Management Team and all of our employees would like to strive to accomplish (repeatedly). In order to accomplish this overall ‘Experience’ there are a few things and tough decisions that need to be made. Decisions are not always easy to make nor does that mean that we shouldn’t make them just because they are not easy. Please always remember, correct decisions are always correct. We as BOGS do not take lightly our fiscal responsibility to the Club as a whole. With that said, our wish is to be good ‘stewards’ of the money on behalf of ALL at SOCC….the Members, the Management Team and the employees. If we are diligent and conservative, our goal would be to maintain this ‘Experience’ for ALL including your guests for many years to come. (continued on next page)

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