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J anuary 2020

In Touch

T oo F ast , T oo F urious Do you ever feel like life is coming at you just a little TOO fast and furiously? These days, hanging withmy now 9-year-old, I ambeing exposed to video games on the regular. I have never been a video game person, probably mostly because video games were slow and clunky when I was a kid, and it meant tying up our family TV. But also, I’m really not that good at them (except for Just Dance—bring it!). Now, I am being compelled to participate in various video games on the regular. I have come to learn that the “truth” that I’m really not that good at video games was just a self- limiting belief. I can be pretty good! There are a few games that I am way leveled up in and going FAST through the levels. And in true “me” fashion, I’ve spent too much time thinking about how video games are like real life. In the beginning of a video game, it’s so slow; all of the objectives and goals are so easy to meet, and it’s easy to feel good about yourself. Then you die. Again, and again, and again. It feels frustrating, difficult, and maddening, even. THEN, you adapt. You get faster, you anticipate (you’ve seen this hazard coming —“I’m ready for you, bouncing boulder!”), and you improve, survive, and make it to the next level. At every phase of our lives, there are flying hazards. Tests, work, sports, injuries, money —you name it. Sometimes, those hazards can get managed (I see you dying, car!), and sometimes, they will punch you in the face. That doesn’t feel good. But then, we add to the chaos because we can. We are READY. We are stronger, more capable, andmore adaptable than we were last year. We built our grit muscles and are ready to LEVEL UP. So we do.


Shelly Coffman

Inmy own life, I am about to become a dog owner, likely a puppy owner. My sweet daughter has been asking for a pet since she was 3. Now, at 9, she’s toldme it’s time. I immediately thought of all the reasons we are still not ready AND also all the reasons

H ow to U pgrade Y our G oals for 2020

When January hits, it’s easy to tell yourself that last year’s holiday treats and days of sitting on the couch marathoning Hallmark Christmas movies are things of the past. Every time a new year arrives, a fresh start comes with it, which is probably why New Year’s resolutions are so popular, particularly in the health and fitness space. heartbreaking 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. So what are we doing wrong? Diet and exercise experts suggest it might not be the concept of making resolutions that’s faulty, but the particular resolutions we choose. To set yourself up for success in 2020, check out these smart resolution swaps below. DON'T resolve to eat less . DO resolve to eat more veggies . The goal to “eat less” is not only vague (where does one start?) but it can also lead to disordered eating when taken too far. Instead, try setting yourself That said, it’s hard to ignore the dismal statistics. According to U.S. News &World Report, a

that we need to do this, and she’s right. It’s time. She needs this dog to gain some adaptability to help her anxiety. I need a predictable pup breed that will cuddle her up and be her bestie, hence the likely puppy. This dog will needme too (and I need a new fence, so there’s that). Despite all of the reasons “why not,”the reasons why are somuchmore compelling, and with all of the daily life/ work/ kid/ homework chaos, I recognize that I am READY. I am ready to level up, do the hard things, and add to the chaos. And it feels good to know that, despite the fact that it is not going to be awesome in phase one, I am confident that I can do it successfully, though probably after a few kicks to the face. My wish for you is that you are able to push your boundaries. I hope that you find areas of your life that you’d like more in and come up with a plan to get it. Take action, even if it doesn’t feel so good at first. YOU CAN DOTHIS.

(P.S. Wishmy husband luck—he’s not so ready…)

–-Shelly Coffman

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