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This month, I’ve got some big news to share: Advanced Physical Therapy CT is opening a brand new location in Bristol! If you frequent Healthtrax Fitness & Wellness, you might have already seen the construction going on inside, but if not, then this surprise will explain why I’ve been so busy for the last few weeks. With the opening of the new location, I’ll be dividing my time between the Terryville and Bristol clinics, spending a few days a week in each location to treat patients. This shouldn’t impact the majority of the patients I currently see, but depending on your schedule, you might want to start seeing my colleague Ryan Edgar at the Terryville clinic instead. While I supervise the opening of the

Bristol clinic, Ryan will be stepping up to take on more patients in Terryville, and there’s no one I’d trust more to do the job. Ryan is a hardworking, talented physical therapist who has been with Advanced Physical Therapy Terryville since May 2018 when he graduated from the University of Hartford with his doctorate in physical therapy. He loves his work and can’t wait to take on more responsibility in the Terryville clinic. “The biggest thing that comes with being a PT is being able to work every day with people — getting to experience a bunch of different personalities and being able to help people get back to their daily lives pain-free, or at least better than they felt coming in,” Ryan says. “Being able to interact with people every day of my life is just great.” This summer, Ryan took a break from the office when he and his fiancée, Katie, joined another couple on a whirlwind tour of France and the Netherlands. It was the first time either of them had left the East Coast, and they had a great time riding the bullet train, scoping out the under-

construction Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, checking out windmills and canals in Amsterdam, and raising a glass at the original Heineken brewery. “Amsterdam itself is like another world,” Ryan says. “The architecture, the history — it was beautiful.” When they visited the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Ryan and Katie even got the chance to help the other couple they were with take their relationship to the next level. “In the middle of the week, we left from a train station and took the train to Paris,” Ryan says. “We went to the Eiffel Tower, went to top, and when we came back down, our friend, who is going to be one of my groomsmen, proposed to his now- fiancée in front of the tower!” For Ryan, who had been charged with carrying the rings to Paris, the proposal came as a bit of a relief, and as much as he and Katie enjoyed their time in Europe, they were happy to head home to Connecticut. If you run into Ryan at the office this month, be sure to ask him about his trip! He’d love to fill you in on the details.

Happy National PT Month! To celebrate, Advanced Physical Therapy Terryville will hold a Free Screen Day on Wednesday, Oct. 23! Both past and current patients are invited to come into the clinic and bring their family members for free, 30-minute health screens. We only do this twice a year, so don’t miss your chance for a checkup!

–Jarred Parker • 1 860-506-4124

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