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So much of what I do is dispelling confusion and uprooting persistent misinformation about the medical field. When it comes to living a healthy, energetic life, the things you need to do are actually relatively straightforward: Eat a variety of natural foods containing vital nutrients, get plenty of sleep, and get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. But with the endless amount of information available, it can be hard to sift through it all. For instance, there’s a reason that America has more fad diets than any other nation, yet we’re still the most overweight population in the world. Over the years, I’ve helped dozens of patients transform their bodies and lives simply by developing healthy habits and measuring their nutritional and metabolic intake. I love educating people and working with them to create lasting habits that will allow them to prevent disease before it starts. The cases that stick with me are the ones that are a little more dramatic. Patients who are desperate to resolve an issue tell me that other physicians have recommended surgery. Usually, I can put them at ease, though, by informing them of less invasive alternatives. Other patients come in having struggled to lose weight for years; a few months later, they have lost more pounds than they ever imagined possible. “I LOVE EDUCATING PEOPLE AND WORKINGWITH THEM TO CREATE LASTING HABITS THATWILL ALLOW THEM TO PREVENT DISEASE BEFORE IT STARTS.” Even more emotional are the patients who, for whatever reason, have been told they can’t have a child. With these cases, our clinic is often the last place on their list, after they’ve being pushed around from specialist to specialist for months. In traditional medicine, infertility is treated like a disease. Doctors pump patients full of medicine and hormones, trying to artificially replicate the processes that enable birth.

Don’t get me wrong, it works sometimes; but just as often, it fails. And that’s after the patient has spent an astronomical amount of money on several procedures. When these women come into my office, I don’t recommend a battery of expensive treatments or outline some ridiculously complicated medical process. I ask them questions, working side by side to break down their problem into a holistic picture. Nutrition, stress, and sleep habits can contribute to infertility more thanmost people realize. Instead of telling people, “Well, you probably won’t have kids, but you can give me $30,000 to try,” I provide themwith tools to reshape their lives and encourage the outcome they’re looking for. It’s a fundamental mind shift for most people, but frequently it results in the baby they’ve been waiting for so many years. No matter what my patients are dealing with, there’s a root cause behind their symptoms. The way I do things, it’s not about diagnosing some specific blanket condition and prescribing meds to slap a Band-Aid on the disease. Instead, I address the chronic cause of the problem and lead people toward a healthier life.

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