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November 2017

We’re more focused and deliberate because we recognize the unique needs of every client and business we work with. Force, I’d go to my grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving. She had a small home that was maybe 1,200 square feet. Now, imagine a 1,200-square-foot home full of 30–40 people. Dozens of us would be packed around the kitchen and dining room, eagerly awaiting Thanksgiving dinner. This tradition of “packing them in” continued with my mom. These days, there’s a little more space, but now we’re talking 40, 50, or sometimes 60 people sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner. That’s a lot of family and friends to catch up with, and I love every minute of it! Every year we also hold a big shuffleboard tournament. We’ll pick teams, everyone will contribute a few bucks, and the winner will have their picture put on the wall. I’m thankful for all the memories we’ve made over the years, and I’m also thankful for our clients. I don’t take the trust they put in us lightly. We’re always working hard to deliver the value they deserve and to give them the future they’ve envisioned for themselves, their businesses, and their families.


John Saunders on Recognizing the Unique Needs of Clients

Ever since my younger days, I’ve had

Working at Cornerstone affords me a measure of flexibility not often found in the financial industry. We’re not here to push sales, and there aren’t crazy incentives to bring in more clients. We’re more focused and deliberate because we recognize the unique needs of every client and business we work with. I enjoy this type of environment because it puts me in the trenches with clients. I see what they see, and it lets me get up close and personal with the issues they face. In turn, I can take that insight to the rest of the team at Cornerstone. We openly discuss these issues and strive to exceed the needs and expectations of our clients. One benefit of being a wealth advisor is that I can impart my knowledge to my two sons. One son is a senior in college and the other is a freshman. The older of the two is a computer science major, and he’s quite the entrepreneur. He loves to pick my brain when it comes to finances and taxes. He recently started a business with a few other guys, so it’s advice that he’s taking to heart. My younger son is studying occupational therapy and playing college baseball. I just love watching him play! At the moment, I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving, which is my favorite holiday. Back before I joined the Air

did a lot of investing on my own and learned the ins and outs of the business. In the early 1990s, I was working with taxes and helping clients who weren’t getting the best advice from their wealth managers. A lot of the time, my tax clients would come in and talk to me about a suggestion their wealth manager or advisor had made. Unfortunately, it often had a negative tax consequence and sometimes would even jeopardize the client’s long-term financial plan. Seeing this kind of thing is partly what inspired me to move out of tax preparation and into advising. I thought I would be able to do more for clients, and that turned out to be true. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Scott Ford and the Cornerstone Wealth Management Group for a number of years, and it’s been an incredible experience. As a wealth advisor, I put together strategies and plans to help my clients pursue their goals with financial confidence. This may include putting together a cash flow analysis, planning the future of an estate, or — going back to my roots — tax planning.

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