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It’s an important time for my son, Benjamin. He’s just experienced a major life event: his bar mitzvah! He has made a lot of decisions for the big day, just as I did when I had my bar mitzvah some 30 years ago. My wife and I, along with my younger son, Jacob, are excited for Benjamin. At the same time, I think I shared some of his apprehension for the big day. He put a lot of work in to prepare to stand up in front of his family and friends to recite Hebrew from the Torah. I wouldn’t call myself a very religious person, but there are many traditions of Judaism that mean a lot to our family, and this is certainly one of them. Benjamin has officially come of age, and he’s taking his first steps into manhood — and assuming the responsibilities that come with that. It’s been interesting to see my son take the same steps I did all those years ago. He was nervous, but looking forward to seeing everyone there eased his anxiety. It’s always hard to get up in front of people to speak, let alone speak in a foreign language. But it’s a terrific time. The theme of my own bar mitzvah was hockey, which I’m sure comes as no surprise. Benjamin’s theme of choice? The Simpsons! Another big day coming up this month is my mom’s birthday! My mom has been a cornerstone at our law firm for about 30 years — long before the “& Adelman” was added. She’s been our bookkeeper, office manager, and general overseer of the goings-on around the office. When my dad and I worked together at the firm, we used to joke that people would call and only want to “speak with Eileen.” People

have always loved talking with her, whether it was over a phone call or in person at the office.

I’m grateful my mom is a part of the team. She only works two days out of the week, but she still has a big impact on our daily routines. She will also tell you how amazing our team is, and while it’s a very “mom” thing to do, we really do have a great team, her included.

She has certainly seen a lot of changes working at the firm for 30 years. From her perspective, the firm has taken huge strides when it comes to technology. I mean, 30 years ago, no one was thinking about social media or online marketing, and when my dad ran things, you wouldn’t have ever seen a computer. These days, of course, you can’t run a firm without a computer, or several, and you certainly can’t get by without an online presence. But that’s beside the point. My mom will tell you how amazed she is by how far the firm has come in her 30 years.

-Jeff Adelman | 1

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