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Prevent Colds and the Flu With Kid-Friendly Teaching Tools

and seek medical attention when it’s warranted. If your children see you taking care of yourself, they will be more likely to do the same for themselves in the future. AHH ... AHH ... ACHOO! Hand washing and nose blowing are about as fun as …well, just that. It’s no wonder children don’t want to take time out of their busy play schedules to combat nasty germs. Instead of making these important steps a chore, make basic hygiene fun. Use fun songs to teach the proper way to cover a sneeze, or do a science experiment to teach your children about the germs that are spread through just one sneeze. (According to research, sneezes can travel anywhere from 19–26 feet at 100 miles per hour!) For crafty kids, let them decorate tissue boxes or hand sanitizer containers to give hygiene some flair. Soon enough, you’ll find them being smarter about their health. As kids pack into classrooms this fall, germs will fly faster than this past summer did. Prevent the spread of the common cold and flu by learning more tips from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention online at CDC.gov.

School is back in session, but your child may be bringing home more than just random facts. Germs and bacteria that spread the common cold and flu are most prevalent in schools, but while these illnesses are strong, prevention is simple. Teach your kids how to prevent the spread of bacteria this season with these helpful tips. BUTMOMMY DOESN’T COVER HER NOSE! Kids learn more by watching what you do rather than listening to what you tell them to do. Get in the habit of covering your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze, and then wash your hands. Make hand sanitizer and facial tissues readily available in your home and be sure to wash your hands before every meal. In addition, stick to healthy habits when you do feel sick. Drink fluids, get plenty of rest,

Christina Is at the Top of Her Game Bringing Laughter and Joy to the Office

-Kalie and Caryn We’re proud of every person we bring on board at Elkins Dental, and that’s exactly how we feel about Christina. She is at the top of her game, and we’re so happy to have her on our team! After putting a pause on her career to be home with her kids, Christina was ready to come back to work, so she opened herself up to opportunities. It was serendipitous that Elkins Dental had an opening that was the perfect fit for her. She found a day care that’s just up the hill from our office.The great location “makes it easier,” she says of dropping her kids off so close by. Christina is mom to Logan, who’s 3, and Rhylee, who’s 4 months old.The family enjoys playing at the park, watching cartoons together, and making occasional trips to Donnelly to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

This month, we’re so excited to introduce a recent addition to the Elkins Dental team: Christina. Christina is stepping into our insurance coordinator position, taking on a big task but making it look easy. She’s been a perfect fit since day one. It helps to have friendly faces to work alongside, and Jessica and Sara have been just that for Christina.They and Christina are learning and growing together. All of us at the office are enjoying Christina’s positive personality and her contagious laugh! How has Christina been settling in at Elkins Dental? “It’s going great. I couldn’t ask to work with better people,” Christina says. “Jessica helps me a lot and gives me a lot of insight. I’ve been given all the right tools and resources to do my job. Everybody is very helpful. Everyone works as a team and offers their knowledge freely. It flows really well. It’s truly a team here.”

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