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Mountain Hikes and Musical Memories

Of course, the highlight of this summer has been, without a doubt, Beth’s and my anniversary trip to Spain.

Me and Beth in front of a 12th-century cathedral built above the city of Oviedo

It’s been quite a while since I was in Spain — 23 years, in fact. I lived there for two years in the mid ‘90s. At that point of my life, I was able to speak Spanish very fluently, but that was a long time ago. I was nervous about how that would play out during our trip, but it’s interesting how the brain works. Surrounded by Spanish, something switched on, and I was able to speak the language and comprehend it.There were actually a few times when Beth asked me a question in English, and, in my head, I had to translate from Spanish back to English to respond to her! One of the highlights of the trip for me was stopping in Oviedo, a place I lived for five months. We walked on the same sidewalks I’d walked on years earlier, passed by the same parks and shops I’d frequented. As we were walking along one of the streets, we passed by a music store. Suddenly, I stopped; it was a music store I’d walked into many times

Me and Beth on The Cares Trail hike

Jesus and me in his music store

I remembered this lion from the original picture I took 23 years ago

Beth striking a pose on the northern coast of Spain in a small town called Llanes

when I lived in Oviedo. I recalled the man who owned the store, Jesus. When I lived there, we had fun jamming together. He played the piano, and I played the guitar. He’d become a good friend, but we hadn’t spoken since I lived in Spain.

How’s your summer winding down? Beth’s sister came to visit us last month, and it was a great excuse to get everyone together and spend a day on the lake with the Jet Skis. We also got to see “Les Misérables” at the Morrison Center, and it was really cool to see it live.The actors were fantastic, especially the actor who played Jean Valjean. Some of the songs aren’t easy, but he nailed them. Since performing in gigs with my brother, I have even more appreciation for performers who get everything right.

On a whim, Beth and I walked into the store.The owner looked up, and there was my jamming buddy, Jesus, in

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