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Three Ways To Prevent The Employee Burnout Epidemic BY JESSICA RECTOR Burnout is impacting every company, position, and industry. With 90 percent of the workforce experiencing burnout in the last year, you can no longer afford to ignore this epidemic. It’s affecting teams, leaders, and the whole organization…even you. Even if you’re not the one in burnout, it still impacts you. Think of it this way. How do you feel the next morning when you don’t get quality sleep the night before? Grumpy? Groggy? Foggy? Im- patient, irritable, unfocused? Lack of sleep impacts your perspective, attitude, how you respond to others, and how you react to situations.

Unicorr Acquires TriState Container Corporation North Haven, Connecticut based Unicorr Packaging Group announced the acquisition of TriState Container Corporation of Bensa- lem, Pennsylvania. The acquisition will expand Unicorr’s product offerings and geographic footprint while enhancing manufacturing ca- pabilities. For more than 70 years, TriState has pro- vided corrugated packaging products and services to customers located in the North- eastern United States. Operating out of three facilities in the Philadelphia-area, TriState has capabilities to manufacture customized corrugated packaging of any size, including high-graphic packaging products through its ProCorr brand, and has recently installed a single-pass digital press. The acquisition will expand Unicorr’s man- ufacturing footprint into Pennsylvania, offer- ing increased capability and flexibility for both Unicorr and its customers. “This acquisition strategically marks the next phase of growth for both Unicorr and TriState, and combining capabilities, services, and expertise across all locations will offer significant benefit to our customers,” said Uni- CONTINUED ON PAGE 6

The same thing happens with burnout. It doesn’t stay self-contained. When a team member, let’s say Burnout Betty, has burnout, it im- pacts how she leads, communicates, listens, focuses, thinks, interacts, her behaviors, energy, mood and disposition. It literally impacts everything. When one person is in burnout, it also trickles out to others, because burned out people burn others out. Even if you don’t have burnout, you’re being impacted by it when someone else does or is on the brink of it. You have the power to do 1. Start A Dialogue — Begin talking about burnout is the best place to start. Even though burnout is rampant in the workforce, there’s still some stigma around it. People often fear, if they admit they have it, what will others think, do or say. Will my leaders think I can’t do my job? CONTINUED ON PAGE 24 something about it. What Can You Do?


6 x x 8 x x 12 x x 26 x x 10 JB Machinery Wins FEFCO Silver For Best Innovation 12 Cascades Co-Founder Bernard Lemaire Passes Away At 87 14 Brock Welch Appointed COO At Welch Packaging 18 Jake Sutherland Named First CIO At Sutherland Packaging


Machinery You Can Rely On, Sales Support You Can Trust Highcon has partnered with SUN Automation Group® to provide high-end digital finishing machinery to the USA and Canada. With a variety of equipment configurations to fit your operation’s demands, Highcon’s solutions are reinforced by the HighConnect Performance Reporting Platform Highcon Euclid 5C Specifically engineered for converters working in B1 format for corrugated and fluted substrates. • Improved responsiveness and turnaround times

• Substrate range includes F, E & B single wall laminated microflutes

• Up to 2,250 sheets per

Highcon Beam 2C Available in standard pallet feed and nonstop feeding, stacking and waste removal configurations.

• Completely digital workflow

• Easy integration into existing product lines

• Up to 4,000 sheets per hour (B1 / 42 in.)




Machinery and Handling for the Corrugated Board Industry

BCN To Increase 2024 Print Subscription Rates

AVERAGE CONTAINERBOARD PRICES The average prices reported are tabulated from prices PAID by various sources throughout the United States the week previous to issue. Prices in some areas of the country may be higher or lower than the tabulated average. The prices tabulated here are intended only for purposes of reference. They do not connote any commitment to sell any material at the indicated average. Transactions may be completed at any time at a price agreed upon by seller and purchaser.

Board Converting News has announced that it will be in- creasing its print subscription rates effective January 2024. The new rates will apply to both renewals and new sub- scriptions. A one-year subscription will be $275, up from

REGION E. Coast Midwest Southeast Southwest

42# Kraft liner $955.00-960.00 $970.00-980.00 $970.00-980.00 $ 970.00-980.00 $1000.00-1010.00 $973.00-983.00

26# Semi-Chem. Medium

Short Ton Del. Short Ton Del. Short Ton Del. Short Ton Del. Short Ton Del. Short Ton Del.

$ 890 .00-9 4 0.00 $9 0 5.00-9 2 5.00 $9 0 5.00-9 2 5.00 $9 0 5.00-9 2 5.00 $9 2 5.00-9 4 5.00 $9 0 8.00-9 2 8.00

$223, and the discounted two- year subscription will be $395, up from $355. This represents the first cost increase for the print issue of the publication, which celebrates 40 years in 2024, in approximately 10 years. “This difficult decision was made in response to the rising costs of printing, postage and delivery,” said Len Prazych, Presi-

West Coast U.S. Average

SHEET PRICES BY REGION (AVERAGE) Per 1MSF, local delivery included, 50MSF single item order, truckload delivery. Sheets

E. Coast Midwest South-SW S. CA N.CA/WA-OR US Aver.

200# 275#



$62.69 $82.80

$85.35 119.54

$73.13 101.29












107.46 118.45

114.69 129.32

116.54 137.25 117.82 145.56

141.08 148.46

122.76 131.80

CANADIAN SHEET PRICES (AVERAGE) In Canadian Dollars, per 1MSF, local delivery included, under 50MSF single item order, truckload delivery. 200# 275# Oyster UC 275#DW 350#DW $78.56 $99.18 $9.00 $96.32 $105.83 CANADIAN LINERBOARD & MEDIUM The average prices reported are tabulated from prices PAID by various sources throughout Canada. Prices may be higher or lower in various areas of the country. The prices tabulated here are intended only for purposes of reference. They do not connote any commitment to sell any material at the indicated average. Transactions may be completed at any time at a price agreed upon by seller and purchaser. Prices are Canadian $ and per metric ton.

dent/Publisher and Editor-in-Chief. “In addition to the over- whelming desire of our readership to see our digital issue online – for free – every Monday morning, we believe our ongoing migration to a digital format gives our readers and loyal advertisers the best value while they stay abreast of the latest news, trends and events in the corrugated and folding carton industries.” For questions and more information, contact Prazych at

42# Kraft Liner 26#

Semi-Chem Medium

East West

$9 2 0.00 $ 96 5.00

$9 1 0.00 $9 4 5.00


November 20, 2023

AICC Offering Free Webinars To Employees Of AICC Members AICC, The International Packaging Association, announced a series of live webinars that are free to employees of all members through the All Access Pass. Team members can access all webinar recordings, past and future, on their schedule to learn the latest trends, best practices, and current industry issues. The Pass gives your entire companies unlimited access to 100 webinar recordings, with more on the way, and 10 One Point Lessons. Additionally, the All Access Pass offers: • Flexibility in choosing educational offerings specific to your team • Simplicity and accuracy for professional development • The best available price for AICC webinar access • 24/7 access to all AICC webinars and One Point Les- sons • Access to some of AICC's best and new speakers, trainers, and content Cost is $1,500 and is available only to AICC members in good standing. Virtual conferences, hybrid events in-per- son seminars, and conferences are not included. For more information, contact Taryn Pyle, Director of Education and Leadership Development, at (703) 535-1391 or

Core Competency

BloApCo Floor Shredders easily handle Cores and Sheet Waste

▲ All converting scrap handled by one BloApCo Shredder. ▲ Energy efficient. Low HP. Low RPM. Low noise. ▲ Industry leading 3-year warranty.

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November 20, 2023

Why is it unusual to see a “used”

Just ask an owner. for sale?

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Unicorr Acquires (CONT’D FROM PAGE 1)

corr CEO, Hap Perkins. “The geographic expansion and strong cultural fit along with the potential for cross-selling opportunities makes the combined company well-posi- tioned for growth.” Unicorr, like TriState, is a multi-generation family-owned business. Hap Perkins runs the business alongside his three sons, Matt, Nick, and Jim. The TriState and ProCorr brands, which have long been established in the Philadel- phia-area, will remain and the company will operate as a subsidiary of Unicorr. “My grandfather founded this company over 70 years ago and through the years the most important thing at Tri- State has always been the customer,” said Allen Friedman, President of TriState. “I wanted to find a partner that shared these values and that would continue to steward the com-

pany in the right direction. Unicorr’s complementary capa- bilities and geography make them an ob- vious choice from a business perspective, but greater than that is their legacy as a family-owned business and their recog- nition in the market for serving their cus- tomers. I look forward to continuing with TriState, growing the combined entity, and preserving the legacy built by my grandfa- ther alongside the Perkins family.” TriState has three locations in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Beyond being a strong cultural fit, the combined businesses will be able to pro- vide virtually all types of corrugated pack- aging from standard brown box to high- end graphic packaging as well as sizes from mini to jumbo to customers based in the Northeast. Unicorr also provides pro- tective packaging products consisting of foam, wood crates, and pallets, and sup- plies. “TriState’s current business model com- bines well with our offerings. We look for- ward to leveraging our Göpfert with their new single-pass digital machine and ex- tensive brown box capabilities,” said Nick Perkins, Director of Operations at Con- necticut Container. Matt Perkins, General Manager of Mas- sachusetts Container said they are very pleased with the TriState Container trans- action. “Allen and his family have built a great company that is well-known in the tri-state market. We are very excited for the next steps for the combined entity and look for- ward to continuing the Friedman family’s legacy,” he said. Allen Friedman will remain with the company as the Vice President of TriState Container and Jim Perkins will be joining the TriState management team.


November 20, 2023


Robot Prefeeder Designed for Die Cutters & FFGs

— High Speed Six Axis Robot — 400 BPM Feed Rate — Integrated Conveyor and Backstop — Integrated Safety Guarding — Small Footprint


AF&PA Elects Board Of Directors, Welcomes New Members The American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) an- nounced the election of its new 2024 Board of Directors members: • Kevin Hayward, Ox Industries • Kevin Kuznicki, Billerud Americas Corporation • Steve Henry, Domtar, Resolute Forest Products, Paper Excellence • Tamera Fenske, Kimberly-Clark Corporation They join four returning board members: • Arsen Kitch, Clearwater Paper Corporation • Christian Fischer, Georgia-Pacific LLC • Howard Coker, Sonoco Products Company • Ole Rosgaard, Greif These members were elected during AF&PA’s Presi- dents Forum on November 9. They will serve three-year terms, beginning on January 1, 2024. “The AF&PA Board of Directors embodies true excel- lence in leadership, demonstrating our industry's best tal- ent,” said Heidi Brock, AF&PA President and CEO. “Each AF&PA member strengthens our industry voice, energiz- ing our advocacy efforts overall.” AF&PA also welcomed new company and associate members. To see the current directory of AF&PA mem- bers, visit: .

Box Shipments ( U.S. Corrugated Product Shipments) Industry Shipments In Billions of Square Feet Month September 2023



Percent Change Avg Week Percent Change

2023 2022

3 0.911 3 2.734

-5. 6

7. 728 7. 794

- 0.8

Industry Total

September 2023

Year-to Date



Percent Change Avg Week Percent Change

2023 2022

285.619 305.519

- 6.5

7. 556 7.998

- 5.5

Industry Total

Containerboard Consumption (Thousands of Tons)



Percent Change Year-to-Date Percent Change

2023 2022

2. 5387 2. 6314

- 3.5

23.3187 24.8978

- 6 .3

Container Board Inventory - Corrugator Plants (Thousands of Tons)

Corrugator Plants Only


Percent Change Weeks of Supply

Percent Change

Sept. Aug.

2.2 15 2 2. 1606


3. 5 3. 6

- 2.8

Shipping Days




2023 2022

2 0 2 1

1 89 1 91

SOURCE: Fibre Box Association

Puhl custom designs systems to meet your needs. • Moving to a new facility? Puhl has experience moving entire plant systems all while minimizing down time in BOTH plants during the transition. • Below roof AND above roof systems custom designed to meet your needs. • New and Remanufactured Equipment (balers, blowers, separators, filters and more). Our Remanufactured equipment includes a warranty and offers significant savings. • NFPA and OSHA compliant systems designed by our NFPA trained engineering team. • Dust Briquetters, Certified Explosion Isolation Valves, Flame Front Diverters and more to control dust and meet NFPA requirements. • PLC Touch Screen Controls with Real Time Pressure Balancing and Real Time Remote Monitoring available on your smart phone or computer.

Balers • Shredders • Trim Collection Systems • Dust Collection Systems • Cyclones Trim Separators • Spiral Duct • Used Equipment • Filters • Briquetters 240 Airport Road | Gallatin, TN 37066 | 615.230.9500 | FAX 615.230.9590 | | Follow us on LinkedIn


November 20, 2023

Have a need for speed? With Haire Group’s 99% on-time record for installs and pre-installation training for your team, your new machine can be at full production two weeks after install.


With our new machinery showroom and training center, buying machinery has never been easier.

JB Machinery Wins FEFCO Silver For Best Innovation

forget it. “We would like to thank FEFCO and all those who se- lected us for this prestigious award,” says Warren Bird, President of JB Machinery.

Westport, Connecticut based JB Machinery was present- ed FEFCO’s Silver Award for Best Innovation at the 2023 Technical Seminar in Lyon, France. In his technical presentation, Dave Burgess, JB Machin- ery’s Director of Sales, detailed the theory of operation and benefits of AutoDryer Control, JB’s latest innovation. AutoDryer Control (ADC), is a system designed to re- duce energy consumption on IR dryer systems. JB Machin- ery reports that ADC has proven to reduce energy con- sumption by at least 20 percent on installed systems with some users reporting dramatically higher energy savings. The system, which is available on new JB dryer instal- lations as well as an upgrade to existing ColorDry XL3000 dryer systems, helps optimize the power usage to provide optimal drying with minimal power consumption. ADC automatically adjusts power levels to maintain a global temperature setpoint for the surface of the sheet. The system uses a learned algorithm based on substrate, ink, machine speed and other variables. After the initial job setup, operators rarely need to touch it again. Now, the appropriate dryer power is used to obtain optimum drying efficiency instead of blasting ev- ery dryer at 100 percent or tinkering with the power set- ting throughout the order. The operators just turn it on and

“Bringing this successful product to the market was a team effort. We would also like to thank McLean Packag- ing and the VPK Group for facilitating our early testing, our XDS Holdings team, for their development and pace to market and of course our customers who continue to be true partners in our mutual success.” For more information, visit er-control or call (203) 544-0101. From left, Dave Burgess, Warren Bird, and John Bird at the 2023 FEFCO Technical Seminar.







November 20, 2023

Cascades Announces Death Of Bernard Lemaire, Great Entrepreneur And Builder Cascades deeply regrets and is saddened to announce the death of one of its cofounders, Mr. Bernard Lemaire, at the age of 87. Bernard Lemaire was born in Drummondville, Québec in 1936. In 1960, he joined the family business of waste recovery, Drummond Pulp and Fiber. Four years later, under his impetus, and with the support of his

brothers Laurent and Alain, a second life was given to the disused Dominion Paper Co. mill in Kingsey Falls. He then laid the foundation for Cascades, which would become a North American, and even European, leader in envi- ronmentally responsible recovery, packaging and hygiene solutions. For nearly 30 years, Bernard Lemaire was president of the Company, applying his man- agement philosophy based on respect for hu-

Bernard Lemaire

man resources and initiating an unprecedented expansion strategy. He applied the same recipe to build Boralex, a Québec flagship in renew- able energy. His brothers Laurent and Alain paid tribute to him: “Bernard was an exceptional man, a larger-than-life character. Visionary, generous and charismatic, he convinced countless people and communities to par- ticipate in a huge project, the project of his life: Cascades. His career embodies the emergence of a francophone Québec that is proud of its roots. Our big brother was a great man. Today, he is a legend.” “Bernard is the source of the ingenuity and dedication of the 10,000 or so Cascaders,” said Mario Plourde, President and Chief Executive Of- ficer. “It is thanks to him that they are working today in a multinational company that is a role model and whose vision, success and values are praised. He gave the Company the momentum that has made it grow and shine for nearly 60 years. His legacy is rich and will live on. On be- half of all Cascades employees, I would like to offer the Lemaire family and Bernard’s loved ones our most sincere condolences.” Bernard Lemaire’s contribution to the business world has been re- warded on many occasions. In 1985, the newspaper Finances awarded him the title of Businessman of the Year. In 1991, the Association des professionnels en ressources humaines du Québec awarded him the Iris d’honneur for his outstanding contribution to the advancement of human resources management. He has been awarded the insignia of Officer of the Order of Canada, Officer of the National Order of Québec, and Knight of the National Or- der of the Legion of Honor, granted by the President of the French Re- public. He has also received honorary doctorates from the Université de Sherbrooke, the École des Hautes Études Commerciales, the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières and the Université du Québec à Montréal. A prominent figure in modern Québec, the man embodies entrepreneur- ship. Flags on all Company buildings will be flown at half-mast and com- memorative activities will take place. The public is also invited to visit the Company’s digital platforms to pay tribute to him. A virtual guest- book is available on Cascades’ website: ute-great-builder . You can also show your support by making a donation to the Federa- tion of Quebec Alzheimer Societies.


November 20, 2023

Our long-awaited 2023 Packaging Playbook is finally here. We talk through all the challenges present in

our changing world of corrugated packaging and more importantly, how to solve them.


Welch Packaging Appoints Brock Welch As New COO

understanding of the industry from all angles, consistently leading strategic decision-making, building an entrepre- neurial culture, developing strong customer relationships, and connecting with associates. His wealth of expertise will bring exciting support to Welch Packaging as COO. “Brock has demonstrated a successful and authentic leadership style in executing his prior responsibilities,” said Scott Welch, CEO of Welch Packaging. “In this new role, he will bring the entrepreneurial spirit and customer focus which has been the hallmark of Welch Packaging for nearly 40 years. This customer focus, cou- pled with the talent of our associates, enables us to pro- vide the ultimate corrugated experience for our local cus- tomer.” This move solidifies an intention for Welch Packaging to remain family-owned and operated. Scott Welch will re- main heavily involved in the business driving growth from a strategic perspective, while Brock Welch will focus on day-to-day operations. “I am honored and excited for this opportunity,” he said. “I’ll have the ability to be more hands-on with our business units across the Midwest and Midsouth, providing greater support and direction. “Welch Packaging plans to continue growing so that it can be a value to customers, provide purposeful ex- periences for associates, and impact the communities it serves.” For more information, visit .

Elkhart, Indiana based Welch Packaging, a family-owned and operated business in the corrugated packaging indus- try, announced the appointment of Brock Welch as Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Welch’s tenure in the packaging industry spans over 12 years. In high school and college, he gained valu- able experience on the manufactur- ing floor.

In 2010, he landed an internship and began a career at Acme Cor- rugated, before accepting a full-time position with Welch Packaging in 2011. Since then, Welch has assumed a variety of roles and responsibilities from estimating and customer service to sales and management. In 2014, Welch led the development of Elkhart’s graph- ics plant with the purchase of the Asitrade. In 2016, he as- sumed the General Manager position for the company’s first corrugator operation, a 110-inch Fosber. In 2019, he became the GM of the Elkhart box plant, and by 2021, Welch managed the box plant, corrugator, and graphic operations. Throughout his tenure, Brock Welch has built a deep Brock Welch

We’ve got our customers covered… …with our fiberglass backed, boltless, full double-wide blankets and an extensive inventory of corrugated parts needed by virtually every box plant in the country. The innovator of the original fiberglass-backed knuckle locking anvil cover, Stafford is the industry’s go-to source for everything corrugated. TM 800-282-5787 IS THE MANUFACTURER OF STAFFORD ANVIL COVERS ®


November 20, 2023

All CCM® OCT-Filters meet NFPA, OSHA and local code requirements.

CCM ® OCT THE GAME CHANGER Engineered Recycling Systems takes decades of engineering experience and integration expertise to provide turnkey solutions. We design, service and install world-class recycling and dust control systems. By providing our customers with equipment and system designs that deliver unprecedented levels of quality and craftsmanship, our solutions increase efficiency and cut labor costs.

SIGNIFICANT ADVANTAGES OVER CONVENTIONAL DUST FILTRATION TECHNOLOGY • Energy savings due to low pressure loss • No compressed air required • Maximize your productivity due to less downtime of your scrap and dust system • CCM® OCT Filters = SAFE to operate and maintain • No abort gate • 55,000 square foot warehouse full of spare parts

AICC Mexico President Sergio Flores Speaks On Containerboard Panel AICC Mexico President Sergio Menchaca Flores, Director General of Eko Empaques de Carton in Mexico, was a par- ticipant on a CEO Panel entitled “Navigating the Changing Containerboard Landscape” with fellow business lead- ers Jan Klingele of Klingele Paper and Packaging Group in Germany and Laurent Sellier, of Smurfit Kappa, during the RISI Fastmarkets International Containerboard Confer- ence 2023 in Chicago, Illinois on November 7.





The panel discussed managing capacity and making sound investment decisions while maintaining profitabili- ty amid challenging market conditions. Each brough their perspective on the challenges and opportunities to be faced over the next 12 months. From left, are moderator George Staphos of BofA; Sergio Men- chaca Flores; Jan Klingele; and Laurent Sellier.



Open the box at


November 20, 2023

Put yourself on the path to software mastery with Amtech Academy . Featuring both beginner and advanced levels, our suite of online courses will help you harness the power of Amtech's software with topics including: • Spec Building • Security • Price Management • and more!

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Sutherland Packaging Names Jake Sutherland Chief Innovation Officer Andover, New Jersey based Sutherland Packaging, a mak- er of corrugated point-of-purchase (POP) displays and re- tail packaging, announced the hiring of Jake Sutherland as its first Chief Innovation Officer.

Sutherland earned an MBA at New York University’s Stern School of Business, and a bachelor’s degree in busi- ness administration at George Washington University. “Jake’s appointment as the company’s first Chief Inno- vation Officer marks a significant milestone for our organi- zation – one that reiterates our commitment to remain at the cutting edge of retail packaging,” said Tom Sutherland, President of Sutherland Packaging. “His impressive track record and analytical mindset will be of significant impor- tance in continuing to grow Sutherland Packaging and evolve our offerings.” PPC Announces Change Of Dates For 2024 Spring/Fall Meetings The Paperboard Packaging Council announced a change in dates for the 2024 Fall Meeting which is now set for September 30-October 2, 2024. The venue remains the Renaissance Waverly Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. More detailed information about the event will be announced soon. In the meantime, PPC encourages members to mark their calendars with these new dates. PPC’s next event, the 2024 Spring Outlook & Strategies Conference, is set for April 17-19, 2024, in Frisco, Texas. This conference will help spark new ideas and challenge you to learn and grow. For more information, visit .

Sutherland will be primarily re- sponsible for stewarding a culture of innovation and accelerating growth, all while aligning with longer-term business objectives. He will work from the company’s Andover pro- duction headquarters. Part of Sutherland’s charge will

Jake Sutherland

be to identify areas ripe for best practices innovation and concepting and implementing the necessary methods to drive impactful change. He will strive to enhance the com- pany’s overall competitive edge in the corrugated land- scape by improving organizational efficiencies and devel- oping new capabilities. Sutherland joins Sutherland Packaging with wide-rang- ing expertise in the finance and banking industry, specif- ically in policy analysis, and process improvement. Most recently, he was an Applied Critical Thinking Associate at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Prior to that, he held several other financial planning and analyst positions.


November 20, 2023

Packaging Industry Votes To Continue P+PB Campaign

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced that domestic manufacturers and importers of paper and paper-based packaging approved continuing the Paper and Packaging Board (P+PB) research and promotion pro- gram. In the referendum, 53 percent of domestic manufactur- ers and importers voting, who represented 53 percent of the volume of paper and paper-based packaging voting in the referendum, were in favor of continuing the program. Over 50 percent of the domestic manufacturers and im- porters voting and over 50 percent of the volume voting in the referendum were required to vote in favor for the program to continue.

To be eligible to participate in the referendum, domes- tic manufacturers and importers must have domestically manufactured or imported 100,000 short tons or more of paper and paper-based packaging from January 1 through

December 31, 2022, and also must cur- rently manufacturer or import paper and paper-based packaging. The Paper and Paper-Based Packaging Promotion, Research, and Information Or- der, which has been administered by the Paper and Packaging Board since 2014, requires USDA to conduct a referendum every seven years or at the request of the board to determine whether the industry was in favor of continuing the program. The board requested and voted unani- mously to conduct the continuance refer- endum in October 2023. More information about the paper and packaging program is on the AMS Paper and Packaging Board webpage and on the Paper and Packaging Board website. The paper and paper-based packaging research and promotion program is au- thorized under the Commodity Promotion, Research and Information Act of 1996. The program was developed to strengthen the position of paper and paper-based pack- aging in the marketplace, maintain and ex- pand markets for paper and paper-based packaging and develop new uses for pa- per and paper-based packaging within the United States. Since 1966, Congress has authorized the development of industry-funded re- search and promotion boards to provide a framework for agricultural industries to pool their resources and combine efforts to develop new markets, strengthen ex- isting markets, and conduct important re- search and promotion activities. AMS pro- vides oversight of 22 boards, paid for by industry assessments, which helps ensure fiscal accountability and program integrity.


ASDI offers: • 40 years of experience with separators, cyclones, conveyors and more • Sequential, Zero-Defect and various types of Scrap Systems • Each system is guaranteed to meet customer specifications • T urnkey Systems-handling all grades of paper and paperboard • In ground and overhead return conveyor systems direct to balers • Replace your undersized or aging cyclone over a two or three-day weekend • Representing a complete line of shredders, wet scrubbers and filters • NF PA compliant systems, ISN Network

Air Systems Design Inc .

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email: •


November 20, 2023

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Koenig & Bauer Celmacch’s expertise with converters have enabled us to develop machines for you with the highest technological standards in the industry. This supports maximum reliability, quality and flexibility. Our range of products meet different investment strategies and productivity requirements, ranging from entry-level models to machines that are equipped with the highest levels of automation, sophistication and the highest throughput.

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CORE Industrial Partners Acquires General Converting Of Illinois Chicago, Illinois based CORE Industrial Partners, a manu- facturing, industrial technology, and industrial services-fo- cused private equity firm, announced it has completed the acquisition of General Converting, a provider of premium folding cartons for well-known brands in the food, confec- tionery, and consumer markets. Founded in 1982, General Converting works with brands across the confectionery, food and consumer mar- kets to produce tailored packaging solutions designed to maximize shelf-appeal and brand recognition. General Converting’s end-to-end capabilities, including structural design, sheeting, printing, die-cutting, and fin- ishing, are designed to ensure quality control over every stage of the process to produce premium folding carton solutions. Headquartered in Bolingbrook, Illinois, the com- pany operates out of a 122,000 square foot facility. The combination of General Converting and CORE’s recent investment in Century Box forms a new platform in the folding carton space. Together, General Converting and Century Box have more than 85 years of experience and create a platform with a customer base across food, confectionery and consumer end markets as well as an ex- panded geographic presence and capability set. The plat- form has three facilities covering nearly 325,000 square feet in Illinois and Massachusetts. “The acquisition of General Converting aligns with our strategy to build a folding carton packaging platform serving attractive end markets with a customer-centric ap- proach,” said Frank Papa, Senior Partner at CORE. “In addition, General Converting is highly complemen- tary to the platform, extending our geographic reach with a presence in the Midwest and expanding our product portfolio by adding new customers in the candy and con- fectionery space.” Bob Ruebenson, CEO of General Converting, said the company has differentiated itself since its inception by quickly and consistently delivering high-quality products to its customers. “Our family, along with a great employee base, have built a differentiated business over the last 40 years, and we’re excited to have CORE as a partner as we enter a new chapter of growth for General Converting,” he said. For more information, visit .

The Perfect Combo Get Peak Performance From Your Equipment with Matched Component Sets

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than a couple made for each other. That’s why the engineers at ARC International have focused their skills and talents on crafting perfect

matches between the components that must work in tandem on your exo folder gluers and die-cutters: • Anilox Rollers and Ink Chambers • Anilox and Wiper Rollers • Feed and Pull Rollers • Glue and Meter Rollers You can achieve the press speeds and print quality you need to ll your most demanding orders by pairing your team with The ARChitects of Flexo. Contact ARC today to learn how these engineered matches of exo folder gluer and die-cutter components (new or

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November 20, 2023

ARC.5pBCN_AnlxChmbr.indd 1

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MORE BOXES EVERY MINUTE . . . PERIOD! Since 1955 we have been serving the corrugated industry with both new and used equipment. Now more than ever, we offer practical and affordable solutions to meet the needs of today’s boxmaker.

The Shinko Super Alpha OC Flexo Folder Gluer shares many of its features with the Super Alpha Fixed Type. The primary differences are the printers and their set up features. Capable of running speeds up to 350 SPM. SHINKO Super Alpha OC Open & Close Servo Driven High Speed Flexo Folder Gluer

Sizes Available: 35” X 94” to 66” X 110”

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SINCE 1955

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Will they take away responsibilities or will they lose trust in me? If Burnout Betty (BB) isn’t focused, she becomes dis- tracted, unproductive, and making more errors. She will do the same work multiple times, miss deadlines or forget to meet a client. Those are best case scenarios. BB will easily cut corners leading to cybersecurity attacks, safety issues and possible injuries.

We Are Thankful For You! customers and industry partners. We look forward to continuing to serve you this coming year. During this season of thanks, we want to express our gratitude to our

When BB misses deadlines, makes mistakes, or has to redo work, how does that impact you? You might have to stay longer, do some of her work, or maybe your work gets pushed back waiting on her to get her part to you, which means missing dinner with your family, being absent at your kids’ activities, or not meeting your deadlines. Lean into your storytelling skills. Share your burnout story with BB. When you were in it, what led to burnout in your life, and the strategies you implemented to move past it. When people are in burnout, they tend to pull away and isolate themselves. When you tell your burnout story, they will start to engage. The more you talk about burnout, the more it reduces this stigma. In the process, you allow oth- ers who are experiencing it to not feel alone and to know that someone, somewhere gets it and understands. You create a safe place of compassion and empathy. This lets others know it’s okay to feel burned out. You can still love your job and be burned out. 2. Create Awareness Around Burnout — Burnout doesn’t discriminate. It’s impacting your people. The more your team knows what to look for and what to do to pre- vent it, the less likely they will find themselves in it. Devel- op a keen eye, because you can’t change something you aren’t aware exists. Since burnout impacts mental health, Burnout Betty is easily frustrated or irritable, making it harder to commu- nicate or interact with her, because others don’t want her




November 20, 2023

BW Papersystems Marquip Ward United

BW Papersystems VortX

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This allows BB to know that she is being heard and un- derstood and that she matters. One of the biggest quali- ties people want in their company is to know they matter. When BB knows she matters, she feels supported, knowing she will get the help she needs to combat burn- out. Hint: Time off is great, but vacation won’t cure burn- out. Once you create awareness around it, share with your people day to day strategies that work to help alleviate burnout. 3. Implement A Burnout Program — This is the key, fundamental element. Talking about it is a great beginning, but it’s imperative to do more. The only way to prevent and address burnout is to be intentional and strategic with it. Workplace wellness programs aren’t enough; 97 percent of them don’t specifically address or help with burnout, which is also why 80 percent of employees aren’t actively involved in wellness programs. As a leader, you have to do your part to help your peo- ple with burnout. If you want long term results, your orga- nization MUST implement a continual program (not a one and done) to help people like Burnout Betty with burnout and others to prevent it. A long-term strategy is where the magic happens with burnout. Burnout is a slow crawl, and working through it is multi-layered. Whether it’s an online course, bootcamp or Train the Trainer certification, burnout training is no longer CONTINUED ON PAGE 28

mood to affect them. One Burnout Betty, Negative Nancy or Toxic Tim can bring a dynamic team to a halt. Talking to BB can leave the most positive person in a negative state, because she doesn’t listen or she’s in a bad mood. So, every conversation takes longer than it should, which means less time for you to tend to your daily tasks.

Build a task force of people who want to be the eyes and ears in your organization in regards to burnout. They can gather information, ask questions to BB and other team members, and start creating a strategy to combat this epidemic. Then take the information they gather, and do something now to help them prevent it.


With custom manufacturing capabilities, fast lead times, and precise machining technology, A.G. has the parts you need, when you need them! REQUEST PARTS TODAY! 540-234-6012


November 20, 2023



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NAM: US Trade Deficit Rises In September Despite Higher Exports The National Association of Manufacturers reports that the U.S. trade deficit rose from $58.66 billion in August to $61.54 billion in September. The stronger trade deficit resulted from an increase in goods imports that outpaced the rise in goods exports. The service-sector trade surplus slipped from $25.95 bil- lion, the highest since March 2018, to $24.76 billion. U.S.-manufactured goods exports totaled $967.50 bil- lion through the first nine months of 2023, using non-sea- sonally adjusted data, off 0.50 percent from $972.39 bil- lion year to date in 2022. At the same time, manufactured goods imports totaled $1,998.36 billion year to date, down 5.21 percent from $2,108.29 billion for the same time frame last year. The recent increase in continuing claims (to the high- est pace since the week ending April 15) is consistent with signs of possible cooling in the labor market, and yet, with initial claims remaining so low, the data continue to reflect overall employment strength. There were a few reports on credit conditions released last week. First, lending standards for commercial and in- dustrial loans remained tight in Q4. A net percentage of 33.9 percent of domestic banks CONTINUED ON PAGE 30

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a “nice to have.” It’s imperative if your company wants to keep their top talent and create a happy, thriving work- place and culture. The most successful burnout programs have these key components: accountability, support, encouragement, and Q&A. Burnout doesn’t go away on its own. With most indus- tries incurring staff shortages, it’s up to you, as a leader, to invest in your people if you want to keep them. Since the #1 reason why people leave organizations is due to burnout, it’s a huge opportunity for you to end the burnout epidemic by starting the dialogue, creating awareness and implementing a burnout program in your company. It’s a win-win for everyone. What will you do to help your people end burnout? Jessica Rector, MBA, author of the #1 best-selling “Blaze Your Brain to Extinguish Burnout” and nine other books, helps organizations, leaders, and teams Say Yes

to eradicate burnout and enhance mental health. As a burnout trail- blazer, her research is used in her consulting and speaking and often shared on her podcast, “The Say Yes Experience.” For how Jessi- ca can help your organization and

team, go to

Our innovative turnkey material- handling solutions help you maximize production, safeguard equipment and improve workplace safety.


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We are proud to offer the products, services and partnerships needed to grow our customers’ business. Inspire Automation specializes in providing the highest quality material handling, converting and aftermarket products to corrugated converters.

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reported tightening lending standards for large and mid- dle-market firms, while a net percentage of 30.4 percent said the same thing for small firms. Meanwhile, lending demand remained weak for the fifth straight quarter. A net percentage of -30.5 percent of domestic banks reported stronger demand for large and middle-market firms in Q4, but that was an improvement from -51.6 percent in Q3. Similarly, a net percentage of -49.1 percent noted stron- ger demand for small firms in Q4, down from -47.5 percent in Q3. Second, U.S. consumer credit outstanding rose 2.2 percent at the annual rate in September, bouncing back after dropping by 3.8 percent in August, with 3.5 percent growth over the past 12 months.


Advantzware provides a comprehensive system to address the business management needs of the independent box business, as well as the ERP requirements of full scale pack- aging plants and integrated companies. With modules for estimating, scheduling, production, inventory and account- ing, this scalable system supports companies that produce corrugated boxes, folding cartons, point of purchase dis- plays, assembled partitions, and paperboard products. AIR CONVEYING CORPORATION Air Conveying Corporation is a leader in the industry of Pneumatic Conveying Systems and has been in business since 1968. As an equipment manufacturer rather than sim- ply a sales organization, we have complete control over the quality of material and products which make up your pro- posed system. Our equipment is found in printing, folding carton and corrugated plants throughout the world. We've been designing, manufacturing and engineering pneumatic conveying systems since 1984. We partner with our customers to ensure they operate efficiently and guar- antee our systems meet or exceed their specifications. ASDI specializes in full pull-through systems trim separators, and NFPA compliant systems with full electronic controls. AMTECH SOFTWARE AIR SYSTEMS DESIGN, INC. Amtech offers the industry’s most innovative and com- prehensive corrugated and packaging ERP, integrated scheduling software, and engineered automation technol- ogy. For over 30 years, Amtech has kept our customers competitive in an ever-changing economy with customer digital storefronts and workflows, business intelligence, automated scheduling for corrugators, converting and shipping, proactive roll stock and inventory management. APEX INTERNATIONAL World’s largest Anilox and Glue & Metering roll manufac- turer, providing the widest selection of corrugated engrav- ings and complementary services. Anilox engraving options available from our North American manufacturing facility include elongated 75°, 60°, 45°, plus Apex’s patented GTT technology. Glue rolls are produced with Hardened Stain- less Steel and a max TIR of 10 µ for Single, Double Facers.

The underlying consumer credit data were mixed. On the one hand, nonrevolving credit — including auto and student loans — rebounded after falling by 9.8 percent in August, rising 1.9 percent in September. Meanwhile, revolving credit — including credit cards and other credit lines — slowed from 13.7 percent growth in August to 2.9 percent in September. This suggests that Americans felt more cautious in Sep- tember in their credit card purchases even as the overall level of borrowing continues to increase. Nonetheless, Americans remain willing to take on new debt to finance spending, albeit with some slowing. On a year-over-year basis, revolving and nonrevolving credit increased 9.9 percent and 1.5 percent, respectively. Finally, total household debt increased to $17.29 trillion in the third quarter, up 1.3 percent from the second quar- ter. Mortgage debt accounted for 70.2 percent of that to- tal, or $12.14 trillion. Other household debt balances included $1.60 trillion each for auto and student loans, $1.08 trillion for credit card balances and $349 billion in revolving credit. For more information about the NAM economic report, visit .


Albany International has a corrugator belt for every appli- cation. Our reputation for durable performance is the trade- mark of the most dependable belts in service today.


November 20, 2023

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