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I would like to thank parents and carers for all the positive feedback about SAFE day on Monday. The team at Kingston and Richmond Safeguarding Children Partnership produced excellent resources to support conversations about substance misuse. I really do believe that this collaboration across all schools locally will have

HOLIDAYS & NATIONAL DAYS Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month - March International Women’s Day - 8 March Mother’s Day - 10 March Start of Ramadan - 10 March British Science Week - 8-17 March EPQ Presentations - 13-14 March Year 13 Parents’ Consultation Evening - 4-6.30pm 27 March End of Spring term - 28 March Easter Holidays - 29 March-12 April Back to School - 15 April

made children and young people in our community safer. You can still sign up for the parent workshop in the wellbeing section below. On Wednesday I attended the Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge to hear the 16 Richmond finalists. It is always a pleasure to hear young people talking so eloquently about issues that matter to them and so important that they have this platform. Furthermore, I am delighted to announce that our two entrants, Uma and Emilia secured first and second place respectively. Uma’s speech focused on her dual heritage, whilst Emilia spoke about how she had been empowered through playing rugby. This was very timely as on Tuesday this week our Year 7 students won the London Youth Games Rugby Tournament. Congratulations to all who took part in both events. Wednesday was also our D&T GCSE exhibition and what a fabulous display of our students’ work it was. The standard of work was incredibly impressive, with our students demonstrating not only tremendous creativity but also great skill allowing them to realise their ambitious designs. It was lovely to talk to the students about their work and see so many proud friends and families. Today is International Women’s Day and we have been marking this through assemblies and tutor time activities exploring this year’s theme of Inspire Inclusion. We hope that this will remind all our students that they can break down barriers, challenge stereotypes, and create environments where all women are valued and respected.

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~ Ms Tongue, Headteacher


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Following Substance Abuse for Everyone (SAFE) Day, parents are invited to attend an online workshop run by the Daniel Spargo-Mabb Foundation on 21 March at 7pm. You can book your place in the workshop through this link. DSMF has a section of their website targeted at parents and carers, with regularly updated information about a range of substances, to ensure that you can be fully informed about existing and emerging risks. The page includes written information about cocaine, MDMA/ ecstasy, nicotine pouches and energy drinks; and updated information about nitrous oxide since the recent change in the law. It also includes short videos on topics including vaping, festivals and choice, risk and the teenage brain.



This week we began looking at SAFE (Substance Abuse for Everyone) Day, whereby all students were delivered a year-relevant presentation about substance abuse. The content covered the dangers for substance abuse and in Year 8 there was a strong focus on the dangers of vaping. I was able to sit in on some of the presentations and I was impressed by the mature discussions that occurred. I would encourage you to have these discussions at home with your children as well. It is always interesting to hear their thoughts on the topic. I was lucky enough to visit the DT department this week. I am always impressed by how much learning the students are able to do in these subjects as they rotate between the DT disciplines in short blocks. I was able to try some delicious chicken curry and view the careful light touch required in textiles. It is always lovely to see the students enjoying their practical subjects, the items they are able to create always impresses me. Today, we were able to celebrate International Women’s Day. The students looked at the new theme which is ‘inspire inclusion’. Each student ‘pledged’ how they would inspire inclusion. In the next few weeks I know that we have Pi Day celebrations and Teen Tech building activities which some Year 8 students will be involved in. I look forward to seeing how our students participate in each event. I know that they will try their best and enjoy a different focus for the day. A final well done to 8SGZ for leading the current Spring epraise ladder. They are closely followed by 8EMU and 8PWA.







Year 9/10 Football vs Hampton High

WON 8-0


London Youth Games Rugby Tournament



Year 7 Netball vs Christs

LOST 8-0


Year 8 Netball vs Christs

LOST 13-4


A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson

“ A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder ” is a fast-paced and captivating mystery novel which follows the life of a young girl Pippa who grew up in a small town which has become tainted with a murder. Despite the case being closed, she chooses to study the case as her topic for her final year project and begins to unveil secrets that wish to stay deeply hidden. I loved watching the story unfold and leftover fragments of a murder case left open click together through the compelling and relatable character of Pippa. I would really recommend it for anyone looking for a gripping and challenging read, which explores second guessing the truth and looking deeper than the surface.

~ Recommended by Marina, Year 11 Student


About the Children’s Book Project

Across London and the UK 1 in 4 disadvantaged children owns fewer than 10 books, whilst 1 in 8 has none at all. This has an impact not only on these children’s academic outcomes but also on their wellbeing, emotional development and sense of themselves as a reader. The Children’s Book Project directly tackles this ‘book gap’ and gifts donated books to targeted communities across the Capital. Over 500 schools, community groups, women’s groups and prisons nationwide put on book gifting events at which children are invited to choose a book to take it home and keep. The charity expects to gift upwards of 350,000 books this year. For more information visit www.childrensbookproject.co.uk

We are holding a Book Drive on World Book Day!

We are holding a Book Drive for the Children’s Book Project charity on 7 March 2024. Please bring in any books your children have grown out of so that they can find new homes with others across the local community. Alternatively you may wish to purchase an old favourite to donate. We can accept any children’s books in good condition. Please drop them off at the main reception.

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