Crest Ink - Volume 33 - Number 04

Cheers to 30 Years!

Jeff Capes

Bill Cover & Lori Talley

Jeff Capes, Bill Cover and Lori Tally all celebrated their 30 Year Anniversary with Crest Foods this year! They will each have $500 donated to the charitable organization of their choosing as well as a brick that will be added to the 30 Year Wall on the front of our Main Plant building with their name and year their employment started with Crest Foods. Jeff Capes started working on the production line 30 years ago and after trying a few different jobs within the de- partment on all three shifts, has found his home as a Forklift Driver, where he sorts and routes recyclables, card- board and trash for our West Production Facility. Jeff speaks fondly of all the people he’s worked with over the years. He spoke of Jim, who was training him to be a dumper while he was on the 3rd shift. Jim told Jeff not to touch the electrical cord under the hopper, and instead Jeff pulled the cord which shut the power off for most of the building. Then there’s Dan Yates, who had Jeff drive the Machine Shop forklift outside to Forney’s Warehouse in the middle of winter with lots of snow… Jeff will never forget Dan telling him to just drive it as fast as he could through the snow while he walked next to him. Bill Cover spent 3 years working through a temporary staffing agency, and was officially hired on as a full time employee in 1991 at the young age of 19. He started as a dumper, learned mixing and pretty quickly became a Lead Mixer in the Mix Department, which has been his happy home for the last 30 years. Bill’s favorite memories over the years center on the people that he’s worked with. He remembers being a dumper with Watson Smoot, how scary Dave Bushman was with his long hair, and being in Mix Room 2 with Tim Bushman when Crest was hit by a tornado at noon in 1994. “Crest Foods has treated me well over the years. I loved taking my mom on my 10 year trip to Chicago, and the 20 Year Ring. I have really enjoyed all of the people I’ve worked with over the years.” Bill said. Lori Talley started in Production as a Line Worker 30 years ago. After about a year, she was hired by Quality As- surance as a Line Weigher, and she’s been with the department ever since! Lori currently is currently the Quality Control Receiving Technician at the West Warehouse where she is responsible for all quality tasks related to receiv- ing inbound supplies for packaging (examples being recording lot information, verifying and maintaining COA information, sampling ingredients, and rejecting supplies that don’t meet specifications). She likes her current job and the Warehouse group that she gets to work with everyday. Congratulations on this major accomplishment to Jeff, Bill and Lori. We appreciate that they’ve chosen to make a career at here, and want thank them each for their loyalty, dedication, and patience in helping Crest Foods grow to the company that it is today.

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