Crest Ink - Volume 33 - Number 04

Christmas at Crest Foods by Gaven Meiners December is always a busy month at Crest Foods, and this year was no different. While the Pandemic continues to spoil many traditions both at home and at work, we all have had to adapt and find fun in new ways. This year, it felt like the Crest-Mas spirt was at an all-time high. Our Crest family continues to amaze and came together to enjoy the Holiday Season. It was a Merry Crest-Mas indeed. On the first day of Crest-Mas my true love gave to me: Mariah Carey & Cousin Eddie – Volunteers starting in the fall filmed what might be our best Christmas greeting yet. Gathering in small groups (a few solos) we all tried to do our best Mariah singing “All I want for Christmas is you.” The video was sent to customers, vendors, and even found its way on social media. The video was filled with laughter, joy and cheer. Thanks to everyone who participated, although some of us were not given a choice, it will be hard to top this one next year. On the Second day of Crest-Mas my true love gave to me: 815Eats including Curry - The 815Eats team, including Santa, gave two cases of 815Eats Dip away to all employ- ees. Santa cranked the Christmas tunes and we had many laughs. 815Eats thanks everyone for their continued sup- port as we grow our new brand. On the Third day of Crest-Mas my true love gave to me: Cake Pops & a Crest Beanie – The Crest-mas Elfs & Angel were busy handing out cake pops and festive Crest knit stocking caps to all employees. A big thank you to (Jackie Fransen, Scheduling) for spending countless hours making the cake pops! On the Fourth day of Crest-Mas my true love gave to me: A Christmas Bonus, not Jelly – Hopefully most everyone was greeted by a member of the Meiners family as we passed out Christmas bonuses this year. While these bonuses are not guaranteed, we were happy to award our hard working employees during the Holiday season. On the Fifth day of Crest-Mas my true love gave to me: A Chance at lots of Money – The Pandemic makes it hard to do our traditional benevolence fund raffle, so in- stead, all Crest employees were entered into a weekly drawing to win $1,000 cash. Every Friday during the month of December a Christmas greeting was played over the loud speaker to announce the winners. A big congrats to Henry Bunger (Ingredient Warehouse A), Nayeli Cervantes (Production A), Mark Powers (Production B), Chris Renard (Ingredient Sanitation B), Elysha Wright (QA B), Matt Harazin (Mix A), and Devlen Buh (Production B) for win- ning some green this Crest-Mas. On the 6th day of Crest-Mas my true love gave to me: A Nissan Rogue with 5 seats – Our grand prize drawing winner Mark Smith (Maintenance A) was greeted by a group of Christmas Characters and an inflatable Santa as he learned he just won a Car! Very surprised, Mark drove away that day with a new set of wheels. Congrats Mark! On the 7th day of Crest-Mas my true love gave to me: Time off with Family – All Crest employees were extended 4 paid off days to celebrate the Holidays and ring in the New Year. Let’s all hope that 2022 brings some easier times, not a repeat of 2020 – two.

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