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August/September 2019

From 5Ks to Touchdowns


As a physical therapist, I’m continuously reminding him that it’s not all about strength and that mobility is just as important. So, we’ve been working on 3D stretching to improve his performance and decrease the chances of injury. To be honest, I was

In years past, I have shared stories about my family’s summer adventures, like our tropical getaways and big hiking trips. This summer was a little different though: My son is about to be a

sophomore in high school, and he finally convinced my wife to let him play football.

pushing Kaden to stick with cross country. He ran last year and finished No. 1 at his high school and 11th in the league as a freshman. But Kaden really wanted to make the switch and play football. Though he was really good at cross country, Kaden said he didn’t like feeling alone. When he played soccer, he enjoyed the team aspect. I think that’s what really appeals to him about football. He wanted to develop those connections and friendships with a team. Plus, he’s really competitive, and it looks like football will nature that drive. Kaden has worked really hard this summer, and I couldn’t be prouder of him. It’s nice to see him get really excited about something. My school didn’t have football, so I never played,

This was an impressive accomplishment. Kaden has grown up watching football games on TV and, despite being born and raised in Southern California, he’s a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan (he was influenced by my love for the Steelers, which I got from a cousin of mine). Kaden and I regularly watch games together and talk about them and what it would be like to play for a professional team. He’s wanted to play for a quite a while, but my wife, Laura, has always been hesitant to let him play, stating that it’s a pretty dangerous sport, especially with all of the recent talk about concussions. But Kaden did his homework and showed her that female soccer players had higher chances for concussions than football players. He also did research into the risks of each position.

but I always thought it would be fun. I looked forward to watching the games and seeing how well Kaden does. Of course, I know there is a risk of getting injured, but I got injured playing soccer, so every sport has some risk. Things will be pretty busy around our house this fall, but what else is new? Macy will probably be playing volleyball again and has shown interest in tennis, and with Kaden in football, that means we’ll have plenty of games to attend. I’m excited to see my kids coming into their own and embracing their passions.

Apparently, fast positions face less risk of injury than a lineman, so he promised to play a fast position. His research convinced her to let him give it a shot this year. Being on the team is a big time commitment. Kaden spent most of his summer break training with his high school football team. This is why our family didn’t do too much traveling this summer. Kaden was busy working hard. He’s always been a skinny kid, and the coach told him he needed to put on some weight. Over the last three months, Kaden went from 125 to 145 pounds of lean muscles from working out. As a dad, I’m really proud of his dedication.

–Julian Manrique

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