Gloucestershire's Apprenticeship Champions 2019


Gloucestershire Apprenticeship Champions

Welcome to what we think will be a useful tool for everyone interested in apprenticeships – from those looking to train the next generation of staff, to those looking to be trained. We spoke to colleges and training providers for recommendations of firms that had shown outstanding commitment to apprenticeships, so we could champion them here.

expert assistance of those really in the know - the likes of the University of Gloucestershire, Gloucestershire College, GET (Gloucestershire Engineering Training) and SGS College. These institutions are at the forefront of the revolution those who bemoaned the demise of work-based training thought would never happen. As one employer we spoke to said: “Apprenticeships

are significant. They give candidates an invaluable opportunity to build their knowledge of the working world. The qualification they achieve represents academic study combined with vital practical skills and real hands- on experience and is far more useful to employers. “Young apprentices with an enquiring mind can go far, as they are usually receptive to new ideas and concepts, whilst they in turn can often provide businesses with a fresh perspective.”

And then we chased up the companies themselves to see just what positions they might have on offer in 2019 – and we have that information here too. Another of our core aims was to represent the broad range of sectors within the county offering apprenticeships, to showcase businesses big and small. (And we drew on our own knowledge and those of our contacts as well.) The end result is the first edition of 50 Gloucestershire Apprenticeship Champions. In other words, 50 companies rated among the very best at offering apprenticeships in Gloucestershire – and the positions they may have up for grabs in 2019.

Another added: “By introducing an apprenticeship scheme to your business, you will help young adults to begin building on their practical skills. This in turn would contribute to a greater skilled group of employees for your business.” The only elephant in the room amongst this emerging new world order is this – the apprenticeship levy. The colleges and GET can explain this to you, but while the idea seems to get the nod in principle, for too many it is not yet truly fit for purpose. If you want to be part of this next year – or think you should be in our Gloucestershire’s 100 Biggest Employers special in 2019, please do get in touch l

Listed within the next few pages are leads on more than 260 apprenticeships – and that is a conservative estimate. All of which we hope will make it a valuable port of call for anyone – and these days it is not just the young – looking for an apprenticeship in their chosen field. For those banging the drum of Gloucestershire 2050 and others talking loudly about keeping young people in the county and driving skills – this is our contribution. Of course, we could not do any of this without the

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