Gloucestershire's Apprenticeship Champions 2019

Safran Landing Systems Staverton AEROSPACE ENGINEERING If we can rise above just how many times the cliché about seeing your career take-off with landing gear specialist Safran has been used, it remains a fitting description for the Staverton firm. Part of the giant French aerospace company, it can offer the prospects of paid work while you train, then travelling the world within the business. Recommended by GET l

Spirax Sarco Cheltenham ENGINEERING Worldwide success story and major county employer currently has 31 apprentices at its Cheltenham operation. It hopes to recruit a further 10 in the town in 2019. “Spirax Sarco has championed apprenticeships for many years and we have numerous ‘apprentice alumni’ with the company, in a wide range of roles and positions. Engineering apprenticeships are a great way for young people to stay in education, improve their skills, gain work experience and get paid at the same time! They are also a key recruitment tool for Spirax Sarco, enabling us to replenish our pipeline of talent.” Recommended by GET l 31 APPRENTICES

Leeways Packaging Churcham PACKAGING

Dowty Propellers Mitcheldean AEROSPACE Currently has nine apprentices in their first, second and third years in Dowty and the business predicts it will be recruiting eight apprentices this year. “Our recruitment will be commencing in the next fortnight for this year’s intake. The firm doesn't currently have an apprentice on their books, but three have just completed its programmes. However, it could be taking on more apprentices for 2019. “With a lack of skill across our industry, apprenticeships enable us to add new qualified and skilled employees into the business” l 9 APPRENTICES Apprentices are a key technical pipeline for us both in manufacturing, production on our shop floor.We also offer higher apprentices applications that can lead into a variety of careers.” Recommended by GET l

Batten and Allen Cirencester ENGINEERING

Currently has seven apprentices and looking to take on two more in 2019. David Merchant, director, said: “Due to the ever talked-about ‘skills gap’ and the fact that the skills required to work in our tool room, press shop and plating shop are very specialist to us, the need to ‘grow our own’ is crucial for the future.We see many CVs for applicants in similar roles to the ones


we are advertising, but to find someone who specialises in what we do is very rare. Apprentices will be the key to us having a successful future and we hope to take on at least two per year for the foreseeable future” l

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