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FEELING SAD ? Ways to Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a form of depression that people experience every fall and winter. If you find yourself feeling blue as the days become shorter and darker, know there are things you can do to boost your mood until spring returns.

a neurotransmitter that contributes to feelings of well-being and happiness. Getting just a few minutes of sunlight a day through a walk or short jog can make all the difference. If you live in an area where the winters are bleak, cloudy, and dark, sunlight can be harder to come by. But technology has you covered: You can purchase “sun lamps,” which simulate sunlight without the damaging UV rays. Just set up a sun lamp in your workspace or living area and feel your mood lift. MAINTAINYOUR ROUTINE Often, it can be difficult to stick with your daily routine during the cooler months. It may be harder to wake up on time in the morning to work out, or it may be too cold outside to go on your daily run. Luckily, you can find small ways to mitigate this.

INCREASEYOUR ACTIVITY Keeping your body active can increase your energy levels, help you sleep, reduce anxiety, and boost your self-esteem. Summit Medical Group states that a person who exercises for 30–60 minutes a day can manage or avoid SAD easier than a person who does not exercise regularly. When you participate in physical activity, your body releases feel-good chemicals called endorphins, which have a morphine-like effect on your brain. If exercising outdoors is not ideal, consider swimming, walking, or dancing instead. GET SOME SUN Exposure to sunlight is also significantly beneficial for people suffering from SAD. Sunlight helps your body produce adequate amounts of serotonin,

For example, invest in a sunrise alarm clock, which gently wakes you up with a simulated sunrise, or shop for high-quality thermal workout gear. If you continue to suffer from SAD and feel there’s no end in sight, it’s important to seek help from professionals. They can determine the best treatment options available for you.

WHAT IS IV SEDATION DENTISTRY? It Could Be the Answer You’re Looking For

If you avoid the dentist due to feelings of dread about sitting in that chair, then IV sedation dentistry could be a great solution for you. Whether you have sensitive teeth, a fear of pain, an overactive gag reflex, or a lot of dental work you need done, we want to let you know these reasons no longer need to keep you from getting the services you need. Many dentists offer pills, oral numbing agents, or mild sedation, like laughing gas, to their patients. These can fend off some of the pain

associated with visiting the dentist, but they still leave room for uncomfortable sensations and anxiety to surface. It can also take up to an hour to feel the full effects of these drugs, and they can result in a longer recovery period after the procedures are done. Texas Sedation Dental & Implant Center is one of the few practices in the country with the qualifications to administer IV sedation to its patients regularly. The process is simple but effective for those who need the extra care it

provides. IV sedation fluids are administered through a vein rather than by gas or pill, allowing the drugs to take effect much more quickly. This type of administration also means the level of sedation can continually be adjusted as needed. Patients remain conscious while work is performed, but they rarely remember any of the procedure or feel any pain or discomfort. While under sedation, the patient is kept on oxygen, and their vital signs are monitored to ensure their safety. With a dentist like Dr. Kendall, the dangers of IV sedation dentistry are minimal. He has years of experience and hundreds of hours of continuing dental education. He performs successful IV sedation nearly every day and has been awarded the Master of the College of Sedation by the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology. Dr. Kendall and his staff have the expertise to help you overcome your anxiety and get the services you need, but if you still feel unsure, contact our office today for a free consultation.


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