Exceptional Smiles July 2019

July 2019


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This summer, our oldest, Addison, started interviewing for summer jobs. She was nervous at first, but she did great and got some job offers. I’m really proud of her initiative, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little sad. With Addison getting her summer job, I’m reminded that we only have two more summers left with her before she’s off for college and the “real world.” Our other girls aren’t that far behind. It’s going to be weird to enter that phase where we’re empty nesters. I know every other parent has gone through this, so I know I can do it, too, but I’m still mentally preparing for it. The realization that summer vacations are finite makes them so much more valuable. I’ve been thinking a lot about our summer traditions and all the awesome things my family has done over the years. Historically, our family takes our vacation at the beginning of summer. This June, we took a trip out to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. My wife hasn’t been to Myrtle Beach since she was a kid, and the girls and I had never been before, so we had a great time. Another tradition we enjoy is going up to a cabin resort during the summer. The whole family rents out a cabin to kick back while the cousins all run around. It’s a great place to just unplug and make memories with family.

The realization

Being from Iowa, this is a special time of year: sweet corn season. When it comes to the dinner table, I’ll let the kids take first dibs on everything except the sweet corn. I know which one I want before it even goes into the pot. Though, I’ll be honest, I’d trade sweet corn for a couple more summer vacations with all my kids. The fact is summer vacations are limited. We need to prioritize and make the most out of this resource. It’s fun to see the other people in the office go on their family vacations. Most of our team has kids who are younger or no children at all. They’re at different stages of their lives than I am, and it’s fun to relive those days vicariously through them and their adventures. that summer vacations are finite make them so much more valuable.

I’m a pretty lucky man. Though I’m sad to think about how this chapter of my life will start to close soon, I have so many great memories and stories. My wife and daughters are the greatest gifts in my life, and our summer vacations have always been special. Whatever you have planned this summer, whether you have a house full of kids or you’re an empty nester, I hope you’re able to enjoy every moment of it.

As I look back at all the wonderful summers my family has enjoyed, I realize

–-Jason A. Schermer


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