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August is here, and this month marks my oldest son Clayton’s birthday, our wedding anniversary, and my 45th birthday. It is hard to believe that I have gotten so middle-aged, and with a toddler to boot! I am going to end up joining the AARP before Winn gets to kindergarten. Of course, it’s more motivation for me to exercise and stay healthy, but that’s going to be a challenge here in the Mexican food capital of the world.

an artist who makes imaginative wood pieces, and we were delighted to see the studio where Keith displays his work.

When it comes to my family history with the great state of Texas, I will say Texas is in my blood. Our family roots date back to 1850, when Texas had only been a state for five years. Born in Kentucky in 1797, Peter Harmonson, a farmer and law officer, moved with his wife and 10 children to North Texas, where he accepted a land certificate issued in 1850 by the Texas Emigration and Land Company. Peter and his wife, Anna, moved the family to farm 640 acres in Denton County. He helped organize the county and Denton’s first Methodist church. County residents then elected him their first sheriff. Then in 1854, Peter Harmonson moved the family to Fort Belknap, where two years later he became Chief Justice for Young County. Fort Belknap was the northernmost installation on the Texas frontier. In one of the last recorded Indian raids in Texas, Peter was wounded by several arrow shots and ultimately passed away because of those injuries on Jan. 9, 1865. We are direct descendants of Peter Harmonson, and my dad and brother are both named Peter after him. As I sit on my comfy sofa writing this article, I find it hard to imagine the difficulties of life on the frontier. I am certainly thankful for all the luxuries that most of us are afforded today. I also thank my lucky stars we live here in Texas, the greatest state in the nation! Until next month, I wish blessings to all of you and your families, especially those of you who have children returning to school this month.

Looking back at the summer, our family was on the go because we decide to take a tour of

Texas. It started when we spent the Fourth of July weekend with my sister and her family in Fort Worth. It was a true family reunion when my brother and cousins and their families joined us last minute. After the holiday weekend, I flew home to return to work, and Sheri took the kids to see their Gran in Leakey, Texas, home of the Frio River made famous by country singer George Strait (“I remember that ol’ Frio River, where I learned to swim …”). In late July, I rejoined the family and we spent a week in “WHEN IT COMES TO MY FAMILY HISTORY WITH THE GREAT STATE OF TEXAS, I WILL SAY TEXAS IS IN MY BLOOD.” Austin, visiting friends and family. My brother and his grown kids call Austin home. Sheri’s half-brother Keith lives in Wimberley, southwest of Austin. We spent a day in Wimberley with Keith enjoying the quaint central Texas town. Keith is

– Clark Harmonson

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