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WHETHER WE’RE TALKIN’ A BUM KNEE OR A MESSY KITCHEN, IT’S ALWAYS BETTER TO ACT NOW Everyone has areas of their life where they are not as diligent or prudent as they’d like to be. Some people put off working out, some wait far too long between haircuts, and others can’t help but buy that expensive gadget they know they don’t need. For me, this behavior manifests itself when it comes time to clean. I’m a woeful housekeeper, which is why I’m determined to take spring-cleaning seriously this year. I’m not a slob by any stretch of the imagination, but I do suffer from the “Where’d I put that?” syndrome. Minimalism is not my default mode, and I’m forever envious of folks who have a dedicated location for every item in their home. Because home organization doesn’t come naturally to me, I have to set goals to keep things from getting too messy. Back when I was less busy, I dedicated every Saturday to cleaning up. I’d vacuum every rug, sweep every floor, and dust every surface. As work and life have gotten more hectic, though, I’ve had to take a more piecemeal approach. Still, if I don’t make a conscious effort to carve out time for cleaning, I know it’ll fall by the wayside. When we remodeled our kitchen last year, it was the perfect reminder that I have too much stuff. Most people have too many kitchen gadgets, but in cleaning out our old kitchen, I realized just how much surplus I have. Who in their right mind needs three potato mashers? While they don’t take up much space and aren’t doing any harm, these discoveries indicate how far I have to go in order to streamline my house. This year, the big goal is to clean out my home office. Believe it or not — and I forgive you if you pull your hair out after reading this — some of the leftovers from the remodel ended up in the office. Between those relics of kitchens past and a healthy stack of papers, it’s not much of a functional room right now. I’ve never read books by Marie Kondo or any

other cleaning guru, but I’m sure one of them says something to the effect of “When a room no longer serves its purpose due to clutter, you need to clean that room.” Just as I have a habit of avoiding a room until it absolutely needs to be cleaned, some of our patients don’t consider therapy until they are in excruciating pain. It’s always tough to see somebody dealing with grueling pain. However, just like it’s never too late to clean a room, it’s never too late to start healing and improving your quality of life through physical therapy. In both cases, things are easier when you approach them in a timely fashion. Patients are sometimes embarrassed that they’ve put off seeking treatment, but they shouldn’t be. As somebody who has a potato masher in their home office, I know you can’t always make time for everything. If you’ve been dealing with pain this year, the best kind of spring-cleaning you can do is to address that pain.

–Beth Scalone

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Expired medications

Spring is in the air, and it’s time to celebrate with another round of spring- cleaning. Banish the clutter and make room in your life for something new! Many charities see a sharp increase in donations as spring-cleaning season


Old TVs

Tangled cords or phone chargers Any broken, damaged, or dirty items


Loose remote controls

Personal care items, like soap, shampoo, or makeup

These items may be unsafe to sell, costly to ship, or impossible to refurbish effectively. When a charity regularly receives items they cannot use, they have to spend hours of manpower sorting through things that end up in the trash anyway. This process can be expensive for organizations with already-strained resources. Some local charities spend over $1,000 a year on dumpster and trash removal fees for unusable donations. While charities will have no choice but to throw unusable donations in the trash, there are services you can use to make your spring-cleaning eco-friendly, even for items you can’t donate. For example, if you have torn or stained blue jeans, reach out to Blue Jeans Go Green. This program keeps denim out of landfills by turning it into insulation. And while Goodwill can’t take your batteries or old flip phone, you can check out to learn how to safely recycle your e-waste.

starts. Donating your used books, kids’ toys, and gently worn clothing allows your old items to have a second life. However, when filling that donation box, make sure you’re donating each item because it can do good and not just because you feel bad about throwing it away.

Charities have a big problem with well-meaning citizens dropping off items that are better left in the trash. There are many items charities simply cannot handle. Most charities will have lists of items they can and cannot accept on their websites. Some items that you should not donate include:

Your donations can be a big help to local charities. Just don’t “donate” your garbage.


Our patient pool has been steadily growing, which means we’ve needed to bring on a new physical therapist. You can definitely file that need under the category of “good problems to have,” especially because we found the incredible Dr. Tori Williams to join our team. We’re so excited to have Tori. Though she’s only been with us for about a month, we have no doubt she’ll be an excellent fit for our practice. Tori recently earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Northern Arizona University. When she was looking for practices to begin her career at, North County Water & Sports Therapy Center stood out from the start. “It shouldn’t be rare for practices to offer their patients one-on-one training with a therapist for their entire hour-long session,” Tori reveals, “but it is. When I discovered Beth’s approach, I knew I wanted to be a part of her practice. I just feel lucky that it worked out.” In addition to the level of patient care offered at North County, Tori was drawn to the patients themselves. “I love the wide variety of patients who come here for treatment,” Tori says. “They come from all walks of life, all ages, and all levels of athleticism, but they’re all awesome people. It’s been a joy getting to know them all.”

A recent San Diego transplant, Tori is making the most of her new surroundings. “It’s amazing to have the beach and mountains just minutes away,” she says. “I grew up in Northern California, another place full of natural beauty, but San Diego offers something different.” One relic of Tori’s NorCal days is her status as a diehard Giants fan. The Padres haven’t been good enough recently to make anyone consider changing allegiances, but Tori’s

looking forward to catching a game at Petco Park all the same. In addition to watching baseball, she loves spending her free time with her boyfriend, Joe, and her two rescue dogs, Kingston and Mae.

Welcome aboard, Tori! We’re so excited to have you as a member of our team and can’t wait for all of our wonderful patients to meet you. 2


The goal of physical therapy is often to prevent unnecessary surgery. However, there are times when the body will not heal without it. In this case, physical therapy improves post-surgery results.

Some of the most common orthopedic surgeries include: Shoulder Scope (subacromial decompression)

ACL Reconstruction Joint Replacements (knee, hip and shoulder) Ankle Fracture

Rotator Cuff or Labral Repair Knee Scope (meniscectomy)

How does physical therapy improve outcomes after surgery? Working closely with your surgeon, the Doctors of Physical Therapy at North County Water and Sports Therapy Center help you recover faster, safer, and with less pain compared staying at home with medication and the TV remote! 1. Your therapist educates and reminds you of any precautions (limitations required while you heal) and guides you on a safe return to the activities you love as soon as possible. 2. Hands on therapy and modalities help restore motion and reduce pain after surgery, leading to less medication and better sleep. 3. Your therapist provides an individualized exercise program tailored to restore motion and strength to get you back on track. 4. You also get education and feedback on your progress, as well as updates to your exercise and activity levels as you rebuild, which takes the guess work out of what you should be doing during your recovery.

If you need surgery, ask your doctor about physical therapy. When recommended, be sure to call us to schedule your post-op appointment at 858-675-1133. Call as soon as possible so you don’t lose time returning to work, sports, fun, and life!


“My knee surgery was in mid January, and I was thinking it would be a short recovery! The pain and discomfort was so much more than expected, but after my first visit to therapy, Ryann gave me encouragement and hope. I began a long road to recovery. Biweekly then weekly visits had me out of pain and finally out of discomfort. North County Water and Sports Therapy Center is amazing — I am so thankful and grateful for their wonderful care.” “I am pretty active, and I get cranky when I am hurt. The pros at NCWS have helped me after rotator cuff surgery, a deep knee bruise, and the numerous other ways I’ve managed to injure myself. Their caring attitude, attention to detail, and wide array of therapy aids are unmatched. As a result of my year at NCW&STC, I am fit and ready to continue things I like to do like triathlons. I am also less cranky. Thanks so much!” “I tore my ACL for the second time playing soccer. I was having a rough time with recovery. My leg was stiff and hurt to move. I was three months out of surgery and not making big improvements with a different therapy office. I did not think I was going to play soccer again. I could barely walk, and I was using crutches. Once I switched to North County Water and Sports Therapy Center, I started making improvements within the first week. Every week, they kept pushing me, and they gave me hope that I could play again. I was able to start walking in a couple weeks. They have taught me a lot of new exercises. I feel strong. I don’t have any pain or stiffness. I am six months out and am cleared to play soccer. Thank you to Ryann and Beth.” I have received physical therapy from the therapists at North County Water and Sports Therapy Center on four different occasions. Once for my knee, once for my hip, and once for my left shoulder. On these three occasions, their treatment relieved my pain and allowed me to avoid surgery. The fourth occasion was for my right shoulder which, because of an injury, required surgery. Following that surgery, I went to them for rehabilitation. That shoulder is now fully functional. In general, my experience with them has been that their treatment is superb! In addition, I have found the atmosphere there to be delightfully positive. I have also found that the therapists listen carefully and thoughtfully to my concerns, and they are conscientious and creative in developing their treatment plans. They are also most pleasant to work with.

–Arline Whited

–Terry Kraft

–Brittany Small

I feel confident in highly recommending them.”

–Beverly Cole

When it comes to relieving pain, everyone has an opinion. Your mom might suggest taking pills and a nap, while your neighbor swears it’s best to walk it off. Meanwhile, yearly advancements offer more options — and opinions — for patients seeking relief. WHEN DO YOU APPLY HEAT OR ICE TO AN INJURY? Among the plethora of available treatments, two remain constant — heat and ice. However, many people don’t know which to use, and unfortunately, the wrong decision can make your pain or injury worse. If you are unsure which method is best for you, here’s the answer to your heating or icing dilemma. HEAT: These treatments can come in several forms, such as creams, pads, and wraps. Many medical professionals suggest using heat treatment for 30 minutes to four hours, depending on what is needed to fully relax the muscle. Heat often works best for chronic pain because it supports blood flow and loosens your muscles. Heat treatments can also be used to relieve stress and tension, but you should never use heat on an open wound or fresh injury. ICE: Cooling treatments can also be found in cream or wrap form, but a bag of peas or ice from your freezer will work just as well. Ice should be used for short

periods throughout the day. Icing treatments are best for bruised wounds and minor injuries because the cold can reduce the swelling in your blood vessels — the cause of bruising — and expedite your healing process. However, icing your chronic pain can be detrimental due to the stiffening reaction that decreases swelling. This is the opposite of the muscle relaxation you need for chronic pain relief. Eventually, heating treatments can be worked into a healing plan, but ice is a quick solution to a small problem. As with most treatments, what works for one person may not work for another. If icing an injury feels best for you and you see improvement, continue icing away your pain. Additionally, some patients find relief while rotating between cooling and heating. Regardless of your preferred method, it’s best to seek professional guidance in order to find a viable long-term solution.





1 6-ounce beet (about the size of an adult fist), scrubbed 1 15 1/2-ounce can chickpeas, rinsed and drained


1. Heat oven to 425 F. 2. Wrap beet tightly in foil. On a foil-lined baking sheet, roast wrapped beet until fork tender, about 60–70 minutes. 3. While beet is roasting, blend chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, ricotta, garlic, salt, pepper, and coriander until smooth. 4. Once beet is cool enough to handle, use a paper towel to remove beet skin. Trim root end and cut into small pieces. Add to blender or food processor, and blend until entire mixture is smooth. Add additional salt if desired. 5. Transfer to a shallow bowl, top with garnishes, and serve.

1/3 cup tahini, well-mixed

1/4 cup fresh lemon juice

1/4 cup ricotta cheese

1 garlic clove, grated

1 teaspoon kosher salt, or more to taste 1/4 teaspoon fresh ground pepper

1/4 teaspoon ground coriander

Mint leaves, poppy seeds, and olive oil, for garnish

3 858-675-1133

Inspired by Bon Appétit magazine


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Spring-Cleaning Takes Many Forms


Why Charities Hate Spring-Cleaning

We Have a New PT!


When Should You Heat or Ice an Injury?

Beet, Mint, and Ricotta Hummus


Springtime Local Events


If you’re like us, reading reports of last month’s polar vortex — which plunged temperatures to well below zero across wide swaths of the country — was a great reminder of why you live in San Diego. It’s not just about the sun, though. Our city is fortunate to be home to people from all over the world and is one of the best places to live. The events listed below are proof.

best Latinx chefs, as well as local breweries and wineries, for an afternoon fiesta. Sabor Latino offers “designated driver” pricing for those who want to enjoy the food but forgo the booze. Find out more at CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL When: March 22–24, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Where: Japanese Friendship Garden of San Diego Cherry blossom appreciation is such an established tradition in the Land of the Rising Sun that the Japanese have a word, “hanami,” that roughly translates to “cherry blossom viewing.” You can enjoy some local hanami at the Cherry Blossom Festival hosted by the Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park. Scheduled for peak blooming time, it’s an event unlike any other.

In addition to the blossoms, you’ll encounter many family-friendly activities. Head to cbf19 for all the details.

RACE FOR AUTISM When: April 6, beginning at 7 a.m. Where: Starts at 6th & Laurel St.

April is Autism Awareness Month, and there’s no better way to honor it than dressing up as your favorite superhero and racing to raise awareness. There are races for all ages and ability levels, from a 1-mile family fun run to a caped crusader 5K. No matter what you choose, you can prove your heroism by helping to raise money for autism research. Visit for more information.

SABOR LATINO FOOD, BEER, AND WINE FESTIVAL When: March 16, 1–5 p.m. Where: Fashion Valley Mall

Sabor Latino began as part of the San Diego Latino Film Festival, but it’s quickly grown into a marquee event in its own right. Now in its fourth year, the festival brings together some of the city’s 4

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