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WHETHER WE’RE TALKIN’ A BUM KNEE OR A MESSY KITCHEN, IT’S ALWAYS BETTER TO ACT NOW Everyone has areas of their life where they are not as diligent or prudent as they’d like to be. Some people put off working out, some wait far too long between haircuts, and others can’t help but buy that expensive gadget they know they don’t need. For me, this behavior manifests itself when it comes time to clean. I’m a woeful housekeeper, which is why I’m determined to take spring-cleaning seriously this year. I’m not a slob by any stretch of the imagination, but I do suffer from the “Where’d I put that?” syndrome. Minimalism is not my default mode, and I’m forever envious of folks who have a dedicated location for every item in their home. Because home organization doesn’t come naturally to me, I have to set goals to keep things from getting too messy. Back when I was less busy, I dedicated every Saturday to cleaning up. I’d vacuum every rug, sweep every floor, and dust every surface. As work and life have gotten more hectic, though, I’ve had to take a more piecemeal approach. Still, if I don’t make a conscious effort to carve out time for cleaning, I know it’ll fall by the wayside. When we remodeled our kitchen last year, it was the perfect reminder that I have too much stuff. Most people have too many kitchen gadgets, but in cleaning out our old kitchen, I realized just how much surplus I have. Who in their right mind needs three potato mashers? While they don’t take up much space and aren’t doing any harm, these discoveries indicate how far I have to go in order to streamline my house. This year, the big goal is to clean out my home office. Believe it or not — and I forgive you if you pull your hair out after reading this — some of the leftovers from the remodel ended up in the office. Between those relics of kitchens past and a healthy stack of papers, it’s not much of a functional room right now. I’ve never read books by Marie Kondo or any

other cleaning guru, but I’m sure one of them says something to the effect of “When a room no longer serves its purpose due to clutter, you need to clean that room.” Just as I have a habit of avoiding a room until it absolutely needs to be cleaned, some of our patients don’t consider therapy until they are in excruciating pain. It’s always tough to see somebody dealing with grueling pain. However, just like it’s never too late to clean a room, it’s never too late to start healing and improving your quality of life through physical therapy. In both cases, things are easier when you approach them in a timely fashion. Patients are sometimes embarrassed that they’ve put off seeking treatment, but they shouldn’t be. As somebody who has a potato masher in their home office, I know you can’t always make time for everything. If you’ve been dealing with pain this year, the best kind of spring-cleaning you can do is to address that pain.

–Beth Scalone

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