Pre-Work SLIB: Team Dynamics

TEAM DYNAMICS For Senior Leaders


Dear Leaders,

Congratulations on being selected to attend the Team Dynamics for Senior Leaders Workshop. The purpose of this workshop is to enable leaders to:

•Explore natural tendencies associated to their personality type and acknowledge the effects of those tendencies as a leader. •Identify ways to maximise teams’ dynamics by focusing on leadership strengths applying the conceptual background of positive psychology. •Explore the concept of collaboration in the workplace, its foundations, effects and relation to positive performance.

In preparation for this workshop, kindly please review and complete the pre-work activity contained in this document.

I look forward to spending some valuable time with you having conversations about the leadership of team’s dynamics!

Daniel Agudelo Regional Director of L&D Shangri-La EMEA / North America


Using the Excel file attached to this e-mail, please allocate about 40 minutes to complete the assessment. Some recommendations:

1. Try to be in a quiet space. 2. Do not overthink your answers. It is usually best to select your answer based on what comes to mind first. 3. In case you experience difficulty choosing an answer, try to think of your own behaviour regarding the question asked and the frequency in which you display that behaviour. 4. Once you complete the assessment, please print the tab 2 from the file with the results. 5. The results are 4 letters and a brief description (also each letter will show a percentage) 6. Please e-mail me your results only (page 2) with your name, last name and hotel name no later than 2 days prior to the date of the workshop to:

During the workshop we will discuss in detail what your results mean, the effects of your results in how you focus your attention, take on information, make decisions and see the world.

Should you have any questions regarding the pre-work or the workshop, Please e-mail me at


TEAM DYNAMICS For Senior Leaders


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