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Where Do I Fit In?

Where Do I Fit In?

The Region Employee In support of customer-facing programs, you provide centralized and customer-focused functions such as human resources, financial management, and regional dispatch. The Installation Program Director (IPD) As the IPD you direct the daily operations at the deck plate level, ensuring effective service delivery, collaborating with the RPD to identify needs, establish plans, and maintain alignment. The Installation Employee YOU execute the mission, interacting directly with customers, working with managers and IPDs to provide efficient and effective service.

The N-Code As the executive decision maker for each directorate, the N-Code collaborates with subordinate programs, region leadership and CNIC programs to establish strategy, balance requirements and resources, and standardize service delivery. The Region Program Director (RPD) As the region manager of your program, you plan, budget, oversee, and advise leadership on operations in your program area, working to execute efficiently across all installations in accordance with higher level guidance.

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