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N31 Port Operations

N32 AirOperations

N31 aligns to the N3 Operations Director and provides Port Operation services to Fleet customers throughout each region. These Port Ops services enable Fleet assets to get underway on schedule, on time, and on budget, leveraging and maintaining a well-trained workforce and mission ready equipment. Port Ops supports shipmovements, berthing and hotel services, and port logistics. They provide harbor security boat assets and support waterborne oil spill response. This department maintains a full array of comprehensive service support craft, including tugboats and barges. What does N31 mean to me? NRMA: N31 provides security boat operations and maintenance to region-wide security programs. Installation: N31 provides port services.

N32 provides 24-hour Air Operations support to well-trained, ready-to- deploy Navy aviation squadrons as well as transient aircraft and deployed detachments. Air Traffic Control supports Navy flight evolutions and commercial/civilian air traffic. Other duties include maintaining all critical ground electronics systems that support airfieldoperationsand training; searchand rescue; passenger terminals and cargo handling. What does N32 mean to me? NRMA: N32 supports large-scale exercises and training events. Installation: N32 provides air operations support at Naval Air Station Oceana and peripheral support to other Installations.

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