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are the focus of this program. Each series was designed to accommodate all shipboard platforms and corresponding space and equipment constraints. Training is provided by trained MWR Fitness professionals and via NOFFS mobile applications.  Beaches, Pools & Water Parks are offered throughout the Mid- Atlantic Region. Aquatics programs include lap swimming, lessons and specialty classes such as water aerobics and physical readiness training. Water parks provide the ideal location for summertime birthday parties and casual command events.  Deployed Forces Support MWR’s Deployed Forces Support program enhances the quality of life of Sailors and Marines at sea and at forward-deployed Navy ground locations. Deployed Forces Support Coordinators (DFSCs) are located onboard NAVSTA Norfolk and SUBASE New London to assist with programming, financial management, administration, procurement, and property management. Recreational programs, physical fitness equipment, social activities (parties/picnics), tours, subsidies/rebates, and gear locker checkout are just a few of the morale-enhancing opportunities offered.

Recreation  Liberty Program

Offers single and unaccompanied Sailors (E1-E6) a place to discover new leisure interests, use computers, play video games and billiards, watch movies, participate in social activities, and join in on outdoor recreation outings and trips to explore the local area.  Libraries Navy libraries offer a wide variety of books and periodicals, computer resources and programs that enhance recreational reading. Navy Libraries boast the latest bestsellers, maintain newspaper and magazine subscriptions, have computers with Internet access and WiFi, offer children and teen activities, provide study areas, coordinate children’s story times and more. NavyMWRDigitalLibrary.org provides 24/7 access to electronic books, audio books, reference materials, and newspapers, all free of charge!  Outdoor Recreation Outdoor Recreation, in collaboration with the Liberty program, encourages the enjoyment of and participation in human-powered outdoor and high adventure activities. This may include guided outings, skills development, instruction, and equipment rentals. Several Mid- Atlantic installations offer items for rent such as campers, trailers, lawn equipment, coolers, bicycles and paddle boards.

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